Google and Ludacris Promote Samsung Z Flip 4 at Times Square

Google and Ludacris Promote Samsung Z Flip 4 at Times Square

Published: December 15, 2022

Google teamed up with Ludacris to show all the passers-by at Times Square how to take a hands-free selfie on the new Samsung Z Flip 4.

For Google, this marketing campaign was the perfect opportunity to showcase its first 3D anamorphic billboard in the heart of New York Times Square. For Ludacris, it was a chance to have the animated version of himself tower over those passing by and minding their own business.

Samsung, perhaps, stands to gain the most from Google and Ludacris advertising its latest device. The activation shows the hands-free possibilities of the foldable Samsung Z Flip 4’s Google Assistant, that is, its ability to take the most convenient selfies to date.

The digital OOH activation is the continuation of the “The Future Is Unfolding” campaign, showcasing the foldable phone’s incredible capabilities.

“Hey Google... Take a selfie,” Ludacris commands.

That is the opening line of the ad showing how the activation was developed. Ludacris walks the viewers through the advantages of this new device while explaining the process that will see him become an animated giant of Times Square.

The dog that appears throughout the ad and that accompanies Ludacris at Times Square is the avatar of the dog featured on Ludacris’ “Word of Mouf” album. Other elements of the ad include a vinyl record with Ludacris’ face on it from the “Stand Up” music video, the artwork from that single hanging on the wall and a gold album plaque.

Album cover art for "Word of Mouf" 

Recently, we’ve seen more and more activations taking place at Times Square or the Piccadilly Circus, signaling a change in how brands are approaching potential customers.

The accent is now on shared experiences, and what better place to share them than at a world-renowned square that thousands walk through every day.

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