Google to Integrate AI into Workspace, Rivals Microsoft

Google to Integrate AI into Workspace, Rivals Microsoft

News by Roberto Orosa
Published: March 16, 2023

Google just announced a slate of new AI-powered features to add into Workspace as the race to AI-integration heats up. 

With the new features, users will be able to generate, summarize and brainstorm text within Google Docs. Users can also generate emails in Gmail with only bullet points and produce AI images, audios and videos to improve presentations in Slides.   

Other app features include the ability to generate new backgrounds and take down notes in Meet, and enable workflows in Chat.  

“Whether you’re a busy HR professional who needs to create customized job descriptions, or a parent drafting the invitation for your child’s pirate-themed birthday party, Workspace saves you the time and effort of writing that first version,” Google wrote in a press release. 

The new generative AI tools will first be available to a group of “trusted testers” this month before the company prepares for a wider public rollout later in the year.  

“When it comes to delivering the full potential of generative AI across Workspace, we’re just getting started,” Google Vice President of Product and Workspace Johanna Wright said in a statement. 

Along with the new features, Google also announced PaLM API, its large language model aimed at helping developers build easily and safely. The model will come with MakerSuite, which allows users to prototype ideas and have features for “prompt engineering, synthetic data generation and custom-model tuning.” 

Similar to the new Workspace features, only select developers will have access to the tools for the meantime, but those interested may look forward to the waitlist the company will be launching soon.  

Google’s Workspace features could be the tech giant’s latest efforts in rivaling the likes of Microsoft, which announced earlier today the integration of OpenAI’s GPT-4 into Bing, its search engine platform. 

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