Public Preview for Google Home App Reveals a Smart TV Remote

Public Preview for Google Home App Reveals a Smart TV Remote

Published: January 02, 2023

New screenshots of a smart TV remote control UI have recently surfaced online and sparked massive interest in the Google Home app following the public preview. 

The latest redesign that improves and polishes the app is now in beta for some users, who are reporting seeing a smart TV remote just like the one in the Google TV app. 

Source: PhilStation via Reddit

The reveals show large volume up and down buttons, smaller channel buttons, play and pause buttons, and several others. There are also mute and unmute buttons and on and off power switches. 

Hitting the source button shows connected smart TV input options, including live channels, various HDMI cables, components, and a set-top box. 

The version of the public preview for Google Home redesign, which is where all of the changes are located, is not available to all users. It’s a server-side switch that limits the number of users who have access to the redesign and which devices can be remotely controlled. 

“We have been able to control smart home appliances like TVs and ACs,” Android Police reported. “However, a handful of Google Home app users are starting to see on-screen buttons to control their TVs, just like the remote apps on phones with an IR blaster.” 

Remote control for the Chromecast with Google TV isn’t there yet, so users have to head back to the Google TV app to activate and use it. 

There are likely more changes awaiting the app down the line, and perhaps even a different design if this one doesn’t pan out right. It remains to be seen where Google takes the Home app. 

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