Google Fi Rebrands, Updates Features

Google Fi Rebrands, Updates Features

News by Roberto OrosaRoberto Orosa
Published: April 24, 2023

Google Fi Wireless levels up with family-friendly features.  

Key Insights: 

  • Google Fi has rebranded to “Google Fi Wireless” to clarify what the service is all about. 
  • The rebrand announcement came with new updates such as smartwatch connectivity, a 7-day free trial, and a refreshed family app 
  • Google has also updated the Google Fi Wireless logo to be more streamlined with its other productivity and service apps. 

Google’s cell phone carrier Google Fi just got a new name, logo, and some updated features. 

Now called “Google Fi Wireless,” the telecommunications service makes it clearer to customers what it really is about – a provider of SMS, phone calls, and mobile broadband from cellular networks and Wi-Fi. 

New features 

When it comes to the updates, Google Fi Wireless is introducing cellular connectivity to the Pixel Watch and Samsung’s Galaxy Watch line so users can stay connected on the go – at no additional cost.  

The new feature will be available under the “Simply Unlimited” plan – the provider’s family-catered option. For only $80 a month, families can have between two to four lines and enjoy 5GB of hotspot tethering, unlimited data, calls, and texts within the U.S., Canada and Mexico.  

Users can also get a new smartphone after 24 monthly bill credits with every line they add to their plan, whatever it may be. The smartphone options include Google Pixel 6a, Samsung A14 and moto g power.  

For users curious to try out the service but don’t want to commit to any payments, Google is also offering anyone with an eSIM-compatible phone to try out Google Fi Wireless free for seven days.  

The 7-day trial will allow the users to test coverage, and enjoy unlimited data, calls and tests in the U.S., hotspot tethering, call blocking and VPN.  It will also work perfectly alongside a user’s current service, so they can keep their same number.  

Lastly, all of Google Fi Wireless plans will come with spam blocking and location sharing features to make connecting easier for families, as well as protect them from harmful messages.  

“Starting today and rolling out over the coming weeks, we’re sharing a refreshed family-centric design of our app, making it easier to manage your family’s digital safety settings, such as ensuring your child can only be called or texted by trusted numbers, and giving you the ability to add new members, discover helpful features and more, all in one place,” the company wrote in a blog post.  

Refreshed logo 

Alongside the new name and updates, Google Fi has also changed its logo to have a design more streamlined with the tech company’s other workspace and service apps. 

While the old design spelled out “Fi,” the new and refreshed logo design changes this by stacking four lines that resemble a signal bar on top of each other, with colors synonymous to the brand’s palette.  

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