Google Completes Fourth Core Update in 2023

Google Completes Fourth Core Update in 2023

News by Roberto Orosa
Published: November 29, 2023

Google has officially completed the rollout of its November 2023 core update, marking the fourth core update of the year.

The update, which began on November 2 and spanned a total of 26 days, followed the core updates that took place in October, August and March.

Similar to previous updates, the November rollout had a significant impact on site rankings and was notable for its rapid changes and immediate widespread effects.

The update was notable for its rapid changes and immediate widespread effects. SEO specialist Glenn Gabe took to X to explain the notable surges and drops.

The latest update overlapped with Google's November 2023 Reviews Update, which commenced on November 8.

Tips for Affected Site Owners

Google suggests businesses should stay informed about its updates to distinguish between changes made to their websites and alterations in Google's ranking algorithm.

If they experienced a negative impact from a core update, the tech giant advises against specific recovery actions, emphasizing that a decline in rankings doesn't necessarily mean there are issues with the site's pages. 

Recovery between core updates is possible, but the most substantial changes are anticipated after subsequent core updates. 

Similarly, acclaimed SEO professional Lily Ray told DesignRush in an interview that a key strategy for site owners is to play the long game and follow white-hat SEO principles, despite the temptation to create quick-fix solutions, which are often "risky and short-lived." 

"A more sustainable approach is to focus on genuinely helpful content, adhering to Google’s guidelines and leveraging real experience," Lily explained. "Instead of keyword-stuffing, I recommend creating content that genuinely benefits your audience and layering SEO strategies on top of that."

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