Google Chrome Now Has Memory & Energy Saving Features

Google Chrome Now Has Memory & Energy Saving Features

News by Anja Paspalj
Published: February 22, 2023

Google is attempting to remedy one of Google Chrome’s biggest flaws with the release of “Memory Saver” and “Energy Saver” modes. 

Initially announced in December, the new Google Chrome features can now be enabled by default through the Performance section of Chrome settings. The “Energy Saver” addresses battery life, while “Memory Saver” tackles the large amount of memory drain caused by Google Chrome.  

The energy-saving feature limits background activity, animated effects and video frame rates, specifically designed for when Chromebook’s battery level drops to below 20%. The feature can also be activated when a laptop charger is unplugged. The icon representing the “Energy Saver” feature is a leaf icon, visible next to the address bar.  

“Memory Saver” targets those of us with simply too many tabs open at once. The feature puts inactive tabs “on ice” to free up RAM for other pages and apps. There is also an option to select which sites “Memory Saver” will be applied to.  

Google states that the feature reduces Chrome’s memory usage by up to a whopping 30% Compared to the “Energy Saver” leaf icon, a speedometer icon represents the “Memory Saver” feature and appears in the address bar to show that a certain tab is currently inactive.  

The new-and-improved software for Google Chrome is now available as part of Chrome 110 for Windows, Mac and Chromebook desktops.  

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