Google Ads Interface Faces Widespread Outage, Frustrating Advertisers

Google Ads Interface Faces Widespread Outage, Frustrating Advertisers

News by Joanna NodadoJoanna Nodado
Published: June 06, 2023

Google Ads' interface and advertising console have suffered a widespread outage, leaving advertisers unable to manage their campaigns.

The disruption has persisted for the past 40 minutes, beginning shortly after 9 am ET. Despite the ongoing problem, the Google Ads status dashboard currently indicates that everything is functioning normally, adding to the frustration of advertisers.

Advertising agencies and companies relying on Google Ads for their marketing campaigns were met with a series of 500 server errors when attempting to load the platform.

This abrupt and unanticipated error has disrupted critical operations and caused considerable inconvenience for businesses of all sizes.

Ginny Marvin, Google's ads product liaison, acknowledged the issue in a Twitter post.

Her statement confirms that Google is aware of the problem and actively working to resolve it. However, no estimated time for resolution has been provided at this stage.

The outage has prompted a flurry of complaints on social media platforms, particularly on Twitter, where affected advertisers have expressed their frustrations.

Many rely heavily on Google Ads as a vital component of their marketing strategy, making the unavailability of the platform a significant setback for their business operations.

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