Google Embraces Automation and Plans for Ad Sales Restructuring

Google Embraces Automation and Plans for Ad Sales Restructuring

News by Vianca Meyer
Published: December 20, 2023

Google is set to reorganize a significant portion of its 30,000-person ad sales unit.

First reported by The Information, it highlights the tech giant's shifting focus towards machine-learning techniques in advertising.

The restructuring comes amidst a broader trend within major tech companies adapting to the growing influence of automation.

Sean Downey, who oversees ad sales to large customers in the Americas, mentioned in a department-wide meeting that Google plans to restructure its ad sales teams.

While he did not specify whether layoffs are part of this restructuring, the move is expected to consolidate staff, potentially through reassignments within the large customer sales unit.

In January, Google parent Alphabet announced a plan to reduce its global workforce by 6%, which equates to 12,000 job cuts worldwide.

Several months later, Google integrated the advertising system of its mapping app Waze with Google Ads technology, resulting in more layoffs.

This reorganization aligns with Google's increased reliance on machine learning to facilitate ad purchases across its search engine, YouTube, and other services.

The advanced tools Google has developed, which automatically suggest and create new ads, have been a significant revenue generator for the company.

However, these automated systems require minimal human intervention, sparking concerns about the future role of employees in the face of advancing automation.

The Broader Implications of Google’s Restructuring

The restructuring at Google is part of a larger narrative unfolding in the tech industry.

Intel, another tech heavyweight, is undergoing its fifth round of workforce reductions this year, aligning with a cost-cutting initiative to reduce expenses by $10 billion by 2025.

These changes across major U.S. companies, despite easing recession concerns, shed light on the transformative shifts within the tech sector.

The move by Google raises critical questions about the future of employment and the role of human expertise in an increasingly automated world.

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