GEICO Revives Caveman Mascot in New Ad

GEICO Revives Caveman Mascot in New Ad

News by Nikola Djuric
Published: December 25, 2023

Insurance giant GEICO, known for its memorable advertising mascots, has brought back one of its most iconic characters after more than a decade.

GEICO's latest commercial, featuring Jeff Daniel Phillips as the Caveman, made its online debut over the weekend.

In the new ad titled "The Nightmare," the Caveman is portrayed waking up from a nightmare haunted by GEICO's famous catchphrase — "So easy a caveman can do it."

The commercial concludes with the Caveman engaging in a midnight workout after a brief discussion of GEICO's car insurance.

This campaign is set to tap into the nostalgia of the character while promoting GEICO's expanded range of insurance offerings, including home, jewelry and pet insurance.

By reintroducing the Caveman, GEICO hopes to appeal to Gen Z customers known for their appreciation of memorable marketing and to older generations familiar with the iconic mascot.

The ad, created by The Martin Agency, features a two-minute spot — the longest GEICO television commercial ever released.

According to media reports, this ad is just the first part of a two-part commercial schedule.

The campaign also includes shorter 30-second versions and a robust social media rollout, as detailed by GEICO's marketing chief Damon Burrell.

The Caveman, first appearing in 2004, became part of a wave of mascot-fueled insurance advertising, including GEICO’s Gecko and Progressive’s Flo.

The character had previously starred in a 2007 ABC sitcom and made his last ad appearance in 2018.

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