Gap and Palace's New Spot Stars Mel C and Skate Legends

Gap and Palace's New Spot Stars Mel C and Skate Legends
News by Roberto Orosa
Published: March 19, 2024

Lifestyle clothing company Gap and skateboarding brand Palace just launched a new spot starring Melanie Chisholm (Mel C) to promote its new collaborative collection.

Photographed by Jim Goldberg and directed by Will Robson-Scott, the 90-second spot kicks off with the former Spice Girl's son watching skate videos on his old television.

Frustrated over her son not tidying his room, Chisholm asks, "Are you skating again?"

"Stop being long, mom," the son responds. He then leaves the house and meets up with his friend, nine-year-old skateboard prodigy Anna Shea, as they go around the city. 

After visiting famous San Francisco spots and having a quick coffee run at the diner, where legendary skater Tommy Guerrero makes a special guest appearance, the two meet up with their third friend who picks them up.

The preteen is driving his own car.

The three then talk about their skating experiences, before their friend opens up about his feelings on the hobby. 

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"When I'm skating, I feel so young, but I'm so old. Life goes fast real quick," he earnestly shares. 

The group then heads to the bay to meet up with Palace skaters Kanin Garner, Jamal Smith, Heitor Da Silva and Jahmir Brown, sporting items from the new PALACE GAP collection. 

A montage of skate clips ensue, with the kids and their new friends performing skate tricks by the pier and on the streets.

Filmed with a mix of VHS and modern cinematic shots, the spot showcases the ability of skateboarding to bridge generations, uniting people of all ages over one shared passion. 

The spot closes with a combination of Gap and Palace's logo, and the kid driver saying, "I gotta renew my car insurance tomorrow." 

Palace Debuts Kids Clothes With Gap Partnership

The PALACE GAP collection celebrates a shared heritage rooted in '90s style and skate culture, aiming to encapsulate self-expression, individuality and community.

It brings together iconic elements from both brands, reimagining Gap's classic pieces through Palace's lens.

The 55-piece collection includes jackets, shirts, cargo trousers and various accessories, all infused with '90s-inspired aesthetics.

Notable additions to the collection are three exclusive logo skate decks and a limited-edition Jeremy Duck plush toy.

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Mark Breitbard, president and CEO of Gap, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration in a statement:

"We love collaborating with partners like Palace who are able to tap into our heritage and reinvent our product icons in a way that is true to their brand DNA."

"Palace is playing by their own rules and we are inspired by their craft. This partnership reflects style and skate culture of the moment, and we are excited for customers to experience this unique expression of Gap,” he added.

Meanwhile, Palace Founder Lev Tanjo also shared his perspective on the new partnership.

"Collaborating with Gap made sense because a lot of us grew up skating in Gap gear in the 1990s."

"[It's] so cool to us: clean, preppy, and all about the good American things like everyone being welcome," he added.

The PALACE GAP collection is set to hit the stores on March 22 at 11 a.m. in the UK.

Gap recently launched a campaign with Tyla to recreate a viral TikTok song.


Editing by Katherine 'Makkie' Maclang

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