Game of Thrones Actors Star in New Ad About the ‘Hidden Relationship’ of Banks and Fossil Fuels

Game of Thrones Actors Star in New Ad About the ‘Hidden Relationship’ of Banks and Fossil Fuels

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Published: April 18, 2023

Kit Harrington and Rose Leslie make for a convincing toxic couple in the new Maky My Money Matter ad.  

Key Insights: 

  • Game of Thrones actors Kit Harrington and Rose Leslie star in Make My Money Matter’s latest commercial. 
  • The spot brings awareness to the “hidden relationship” between banks and fossil fuels. 
  • Industry experts weigh in and give their thoughts on the ad placement. 

Game of Thrones actors Kit Harrington and Rose Leslie star in a new commercial as a toxic couple going through a tough time in a therapy session. 

The two-minute “Hidden Relationship” spot made by the people-powered campaign Make My Money Matter explores the overlooked link between banks and the fossil fuel industry. 

It starts off with the therapist asking the pair why they’re there as they sit on opposite corners of the couch.  

“He cares too much about what people think about him, and it’s affecting our relationship,” Leslie responds. The two go on and argue, as Harrington stays firm in his decision not to make posts about his wife as it is “professional suicide.”  

“People have certain expectations of me; I can’t just be open about every aspect of my life,” he explained.  

Leslie then accuses his husband of acting like a Martyr, posting the millions he’s spent on green energy. She then proceeds to question who his love belongs to.  

“Obviously, it’s you. It’s always been you,” Harrington responds.  

It is then revealed on screen that Leslie represents oil companies. At the same time, Harrington represents high street banks, as the latter often keeps its involvement with the fossil fuel industry under wraps to appear sustainable.  

“Our banks are in a hidden relationship with oil companies. It’s fueling climate change,” the commercial writes to raise awareness on the matter.  

Make My Money Matter founder weighs in 

Make My Money Matter founder Richard Curtis explained his motivations for making the informative new ad placement.  

“Our largest high-street banks are in a dangerous relationship with the fossil fuel industry – and it’s time we all knew about it. In 2022 alone, household names like Barclays and HSBC poured billions into the fossil fuel sector, ignoring clear warnings that new oil and gas fields risk causing catastrophic climate change,” he explained, adding that the activities of these banks run against the wishes of UK citizens who want to tackle the climate crisis and not fuel the fire.  

Curtis’ claims directly reference the latest Banking on Climate Chaos Report that revealed several high-street banks put an estimated $37 billion into fossil fuels last 2022.  

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“That’s why we’ve made this new film – to highlight the toxic relationship between our banks and the fossil fuel industry and help UK bank account holders to make sure their money matters,” he shared.  

Harrington and Leslie also detailed their experience when Curtis contacted them. “When Richard contacted us to participate, we thought he offered free couples therapy. Alas, no such luck; he was bringing to our attention something we could agree on,” they explained. 

“This is an incredibly important awareness campaign about the dangerous relationship between our banks and the fossil fuel industry. But it is more than just awareness… People really care about this – and it’s time for banks to listen and act,” the couple added. 

Hidden Relationship was directed by Curtis himself, made by the creative agency Mother, and produced by the video production company Biscuit Filmworks UK.  

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Industry experts give their insights about the new commercial 

Clocking in at two minutes, Make My Money Matter's Hidden Relationships has garnered divided opinions from industry experts for its lengthy runtime. 

For founder Felix Naundorf, the commercial's script was compelling and the choice of casting gave it an extra level of credibility. However, he felt the ad could benefit from a more diversity cast and crew, as well as a shorter runtime. "Representation in advertising is incredibly important and by including people from a range of backgrounds, the commercial would have been able to reach a larger audience. Additionally, the ad could have been shortened to make it more impactful and accessible," he explained. 

Jeremy Nitta, CEO of Trading Funder, shares in the same belief. "While the two-minute runtime allows for a thorough exploration of the topic, younger audiences may have shorter attention spans and may tune out before the end," he shared. 

However, Top Nigerian Jobs founder Ekijah Jonah believes the spot could have been longer in order to be more informative, with details and examples of how sustainable investing can make a positive difference. "Additionally, the commercial could have been more explicit in showing how viewers can take action to make their money matter," he added. 

While Hidden Relationship's two-minute runtime has garnered split opinions, most professionals have praised its use of metaphors and the way it conveyed its message. 

Power your Curls Head of Marketing and Operations Kiran Lachwani believes the way it shed light on the topic through a bickering couple was "ingenious" and "amazing." 

"If anyone has ever been around a bickering couple they know how toxic it can get and when they claim not to have anything to do with each other anymore,they’re lying.The script and the lines were compelling and it really captivates your attention to truly get the message across," Lachwani explained. 

"Everything from the casting to the storyline was obviously very thought out. I personally think that more ads with a storytelling manner should be applied more on some sensitive topics to truly grab attention," she added.

For Culture A.D. Creative Director Craig Brimm, the ad is simply "a gem." 

"It draws you in strings you along in a most delicious fashion and then smacks you in the face with a bag of tightly wrapped nickels," he explained.


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