FunctionFox Reveals Time Management Software Can Be Game-Changer for Company Success

FunctionFox Reveals Time Management Software Can Be Game-Changer for Company Success

News by Anja Paspalj
Published: May 20, 2023

A staggering 82% of people don't use time management systems at work

Considering the growing number of tasks (and distractions) that businesses in every industry deal with, tracking time is becoming one of the most effective ways to ensure productivity and effectiveness in 2023.  

FunctionFox, a project management software company, focuses on time-tracking as a strategy for company success.  

“All users can benefit from complete transparency, accurate reporting, and overall improved workflows,” says Corina Ludwig, general manager at FunctionFox, for Spotlight. 

“Implementing time tracking as part of your business practice can be a challenge, but patience, clear communication, and encouragement will help it become a part of your team’s daily routine,” she adds.  

Ludwig believes that the reason companies are often reluctant to turn to project management tools and time management software is because of the change in existing processes and the question of “where to start.” However, implementing a time management system with the help of company experts allows them to use the available information to strategize and focus on the company’s direction and goals.  

Software reporting capabilities, such as flexible real-time reporting tools and customization, helps company’s decision-making processes as well. “That flexibility and customization in reporting allows teams to get the data they need to make key decisions about their business immediately,” explains Ludwig.  

With the popularity of time management software on the rise, it will be interesting to see how the possibilities of artificial intelligence and trends being set by top AI companies will contribute. FunctionFox is currently testing the waters of AI, with the introduction of timesheets that write themselves and automatic reporting. 

“The ideal project management tool will vary depending on a company's needs. We recommend determining the key criteria, features, and reporting needed before implementing a new tool,” concludes Ludwig.  

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