Fortnite and LEGO To End the Year With a Huge Collab

Fortnite and LEGO To End the Year With a Huge Collab

News by Roberto Orosa
Published: November 20, 2023

Fortnite has been actively engaged in iconic collaborations lately, joining forces with F1 racer Lewis Hamilton for fresh in-game skin, and preparing for the imminent drop of new skins featuring Invincible and Omni-Man in line with the show's Season 2 release.

Now, the award-winning game is taking things to the next level by collaborating with the toy franchise LEGO, as revealed by several reports.

The collab is speculated to drop on December 7 and will allow Fortnite players to play as actual LEGO characters. It is also set to become one of three game modes, joining Battle Royale. 

The Lego Collab Also Brings Various New Features

Fortnite will introduce new in-game LEGO-themed items such as the LEGO Stud Gun, workbenches, beds, fences, catapults (including prankster catapults), map markers, zip lines and trinkets.

Some have compared the new features to Minecraft, with the ability to slide, swim, glide, fly, run, walk and fall (with fall damage) in the new mode.

A new "HP System" and "Energy System" are also set to be implemented, while beds, complete with curtains, can be used to regenerate both HP and energy. Additionally, a unique "Sleep Voting" feature will come into play when multiple players are present.

Fortnite Has a Big Sucess With Collabs

Fortnite has engaged in numerous collaborations that solidified its status as one of the world's most popular games in recent years.

In 2020, Fortnite achieved a groundbreaking milestone with its collaboration featuring the American rapper Travis Scott.

The virtual concert event, aptly named "Astronomical," transcended the traditional boundaries of gaming experiences with its mesmerizing visuals, interactive elements and exclusive in-game skin.

The concert drew an unprecedented number of concurrent players and held the record as the largest in-game event within the Fortnite realm before it was dethroned by the Galactus event that reeled over 15.3 million players.

Before the Travis Scott collaboration, Fortnite made waves with its collaboration with Marvel's Avengers in 2019.

The introduction of Avengers-themed content, including special skins and limited-time game modes, marked a significant crossover between the gaming and cinematic worlds, drawing Marvel fans and capitalizing on the popularity of the franchise.

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