Foot Locker's First Campaign With Preacher Welcomes Sneaker Season

Foot Locker's First Campaign With Preacher Welcomes Sneaker Season

News by Anja PaspaljAnja Paspalj
Published: July 09, 2023

Preacher makes its grand reveal as Foot Locker’s global creative agency of record (AOR), appointed earlier this year. 

The campaign gives an official welcome to sneaker season with a series of dynamic spots titled “It’s Sneaker Season,” putting the much-loved Foot Locker Stripers in the spotlight. 

While the campaign is mainly targeted at the back-to-school period, the fall season is now a period for all Foot Locker fans to check out what's in store.  

In the spots, Foot Locker’s shop assistants, known as Foot Locker Stripers, give a warm welcome to a variety of sneaker shoppers amping up to invest in some new footwear ahead of the sneaker season.  

Foot Locker employee featured in "It's Sneaker Season" ad
(Source: Foot Locker)

The campaign will also include specialized content for social media, primarily on TikTok and Meta, in a bid to reach potential Gen-Z shoppers during the back-to-school season. 

“This campaign was all about getting everyone ready to not just go back to school but to go back to daily life at the turn of the season. Naming this ‘back-to-everything’ time of year freed us up to create a campaign with strong visual devices that speak to Foot Locker’s abundance and ripe pickings,” explained Rob Baird, the chief creative officer and partner at advertising agency Preacher. 

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Preacher and Foot Locker are taking their first joint campaign one step further with a series of in-store events across North America, scheduled to begin in August.  

To give back to the local community, Foot Locker’s events will include local vendors, programs for children and adults and special appearances that have yet to be announced. 

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The advertising agency’s “It’s Sneaker Season” campaign for the footwear retailer marks the beginning of what is sure to be a successful partnership, with a fresh chapter of branding for Foot Locker.  

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