FiscalNote Partners With Microsoft to Create New Bing Plugin

FiscalNote Partners With Microsoft to Create New Bing Plugin

News by Roberto OrosaRoberto Orosa
Published: May 24, 2023

Software and data company FiscalNote just announced a new partnership with Microsoft to build a new plugin for its AI-powered search engine, Bing.  

Announced in Microsoft’s annual Build Conference, the collaboration is aimed at giving users access to select real-time data sets and content from FiscalNote. 

By exposing these data and information to Bing chat users, it can capture insights into user preferences for utilizing generative models to understand political and regulatory information.  

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The increased user interaction will drive future product development, improve accuracy and relevancy for FiscalNote's customers, and solidify the AI company's leadership in applying AI and large language models (LLM) to specialized data sets. 

The FiscalNote plugin for Bing is the latest in a series of AI integrations by the company, having been recognized as an inaugural launch “trusted partner” for OpenAI’s ChatGPT Plugin, and recently creating an integration partnership with Google’s Bard. 

"AI innovators and pioneers across the tech industry are selecting FiscalNote time and time again to be their go-to launch partner of choice when it comes to product integrations to access our trusted data sources for legal, regulatory, and policy information," Tim Hwang, CEO, Chairman and Co-founder of FiscalNote, said in a press statement.  

“We are honored to work with Microsoft to bring Bing users cutting-edge and creative workflow experiences that boost productivity, drive curiosity, and expand knowledge,” he added.

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