Fig Agency and SeatGeek Pay Homage to Fervent Sports Superfans in National Ad

Fig Agency and SeatGeek Pay Homage to Fervent Sports Superfans in National Ad

Published: October 26, 2022

Creative agency Fig has collaborated with SeatGeek, a mobile-focused ticket platform, on a new “So Fans Can Fan” campaign that puts fervent sports superfans in the spotlight.

The brand’s first national ad campaign is a celebration of the ecstatic spirit of sports fans cheering for their team.

From NFL, NHL and NBA to NASCAR and WWE, SeatGeek provides customers with tickets to their favorite events and opens up the ability to cheer for their teams and players.

While SeatGeek provides tickets to all kinds of events, concerts included, the latest campaign puts sports fans in focus. Two 30-second videos revolve around comically exaggerated superfan archetypes.

A woman with inflatable boom sticks energizes the crowd and riles them up to keep cheering at a fervent level. This archetype is the cheerleader in the stands, always driving other crowd members to give their all for the team.

The other archetype is the unknown supporter high-fiving everyone around them when their team scores. If you’re in high-fiving range, you’re getting a slap on the palm of your hand.

Fans make events, a pure statement of fact that Sarah Kettler, SeatGeek’s vice-president of brand marketing, echoes.

“A live event without fans just wouldn’t be the same. No chanting, no singing along, no looks of wonder – in many ways, no magic,” Kettler said.

If there’s one thing to take away from the ads, it’s that SeatGeek is the fans’ ticket to cheering on their teams live.

“We have your back. We have built our product with fans in mind, so they’re free to do what they do best: fan,” Kettler added.

SeatGeek already boasts impressive brand loyalty, but it needs more people to get on board with the platform. After all, that’s what the national ad is for.

“We want more fans to know us,” Kettler said. “Increasing our brand awareness allows SeatGeek to stay top-of-mind as a ticketer for when fans have a magical life-changing event they want to attend, and that makes us more competitive in today’s market.”

The Fig agency certainly did a fantastic job helping the brand “break through the clutter of the fan experience category.”

It’s a move that will enable SeatGeek to avoid going public while retaining its growth potential.

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