Watch FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Ads [Roundup]

Watch FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Ads [Roundup]

Published: October 24, 2022

Welcome to Spotlight’s roundup of all FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 ads.

As the world gears up for this year’s world cup, brands and advertising agencies are working overtime to deliver the most memorable Qatar ads.

While waiting for November 20 when the greatest soccer championship begins, enjoy the remarkable work creative agencies are releasing in partnership with brands competing for glory in their playing field.

WPP and Coca-Cola: “Believing Is Magic”

WPP and Coca-Cola were among the first companies to unveil an ad for the upcoming Qatar World Cup. “Believing Is Magic” celebrates the sense of community that rooting for a national soccer team brings.

VaynerMedia and Budweiser: “The World Is Yours to Take”

VaynerMedia and Budweiser feature Lionel Messi, Neymar Jr., and Raheem Sterling in their “The World Is Yours to Take” campaign which crosses all borders and unites the world in its love for soccer.

LAFOURMI and Puma: “Fearless”

LAFOURMI and Puma use their “Fearless” campaign to promote new Puma sneakers, but also to instill confidence in young people, who look up to their favorite soccer legends.

Hungry Man Productions and FOX Sports: “‘Tis the FIFA World Cup”

FOX Sports joins other major brands and the “Superfan Santa” Jon Hamm with a brilliant ad that focuses on the fact that this year’s FIFA World Cup coincides with the holiday season.

Much to no one’s surprise, this year’s collection of soccer championship ads does not disappoint. Brands have invested huge resources into creating ads that fans will commit to memory.

Events such as these are celebrations of not just the teams competing for the title of the best among the best, but also an opportunity for brands and advertisers to do the same.

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