FIC Electrifies Its Logo Design with Sleek New Colors

FIC Electrifies Its Logo Design with Sleek New Colors

Published: September 26, 2022

FIC has long sought to expand into the design and manufacturing of OE automotive electronics and evolve from its already impressive background as a computer company specializing in producing cutting-edge notebooks and motherboards.

While there haven’t been any formal announcements regarding the Taiwanese company’s direction, the East Asian tech giant just released a brand new logo redesign, casting away any doubts about the company’s future.

The new logo reveals the company’s decision to branch out into OE automotive electronics and Smart City development. It also provides greater insight into company culture, values, and its outlook on a technologically-driven future.


FIC logo design
[Source: First International Computer, Inc.]

The lowercase “fic” in the logo denotes the brand’s easygoing and people-oriented culture. By opting for informal typography, FIC emphasized people's role in our collective future. While advanced technology is at the center of FIC’s vision of a better tomorrow, they made it abundantly clear that there is no future without a people-first mindset.

The choice of colors for the company’s latest logo design also speaks volumes about its new brand identity. The overabundance of cyan expresses rebirth and freshness, and signals new beginnings. That’s quite appropriate for a long-standing brand such as FIC, aiming to expand the scope of its operations and venture into new territory.

On the other hand, purple gives an air of futurism to the new logo, indicating that FIC is a company at the forefront of technological development. While it might be new to OE automotive manufacturing and the concept of Smart Cities, FIC is a veteran at pushing the boundaries of what contemporary tech can achieve.

Seafoam green hues denote their venture into the futuristic Smart City concept. The company’s role, in this regard, remains to be seen as it is too early to speculate. The idea of Smart Cities is still in its earliest stages, and there’s no telling what role brands and companies will have in realizing this ambitious futuristic concept.

Founded in 1979, FIC Group was one of the largest Taiwanese tech companies. Its cutting-edge motherboards built the brand from the ground up, making it one of the most influential companies in the country and overseas. Their latest foray into automotive electronics and the Smart City concept is the first deviation from the company’s standard procedures. Time will tell how the Taiwanese tech company will handle its new role.

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