So Fetch: The Mean Girls-Themed Shopping App Ad

So Fetch: The Mean Girls-Themed Shopping App Ad

News by Anja Paspalj
Published: January 19, 2023

“Sorry Regina, someone finally made ‘fetch’ happen,” goes the takeaway line from the new ad for the shopping app Fetch.

Fetch is becoming increasingly popular due to its offer of free cash and gift cards from an array of top-notch retailers in the United States. By scanning receipts from any store or restaurant, users can redeem points by earning gift cards, entering sweepstakes and even making charitable donations.

Essentially, the shopping app pays users to, in turn, utilize their information for market research which helps improve products and services.

Some brands featured on Fetch shopping app
(Source: Fetch)

The “Fetch Happened” campaign plays on pop-culture nostalgia, bringing back our favorite line from the hit comedy “Mean Girls” to bolster the popularity of the app.

Starring Daniel Franzese, the actor who played Damian, he exclaims, “Sorry Regina, someone finally made ‘Fetch’ happen,” referencing one of the most iconic lines from the 2004 film. The advertisement ends with him receiving an at-home delivery, including a pink T-shirt with the slogan “Fetch Happened” across the front.

This limited-edition Fetch merch will no doubt be sold-out soon as “Mean Girls” fan flock to stock up on T-shirts. Additionally, a collection titled “So Fetch Collection” is available until January 31, featuring Franzese’s favorite brands on the shopping app.

Users can dive into some humorous “Mean Girls” themed pieces on the Fetch blog, such as “Fetch Like a Plastic: A Mean Girls Breakdown,” a mock text by Fetch staff exploring how they believe the iconic “Mean Girls” characters would use the Fetch app.

No doubt the 11 million receipts scanned for Fetch every day may easily increase overnight after this marketing campaign!

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