Feline Influencers Compete in SHEBA’s Gravy Race

Feline Influencers Compete in SHEBA’s Gravy Race

Published: March 29, 2024

The world of feline entertainment has reached new heights with the launch of SHEBA’s Gravy Race, a unique and engaging event that has captured the hearts of cat lovers worldwide.

"The Gravy Race," organized by SHEBA in collaboration with creative agency AMV BBDO, brings together some of the internet's most famous cats in a thrilling showdown to determine who truly reigns supreme in their love for gravy.

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Providing lively commentary during the race is the charismatic American sports announcer and cat lover Ian Eagle.

“I’ve seen a lot of bracket-based competitions – especially this time of year – and this is like nothing I’ve seen before. The Gravy Race is a fun, lighthearted competition that both sports and cat lovers alike can root for,” Eagle said in a press release.

Capitalizing on Cats’ Love for Gravy

"The Gravy Race" aims to promote the Mars Petcare brand’s latest product line, SHEBA GRAVY INDULGENCE Entrées, which comes in four new flavors.

The premium cat food offerings boast a tantalizing blend of 70% gravy and 30% delicate cuts of beef, chicken, or fish, promising a dining experience fit for feline royalty.

The influencer marketing campaign features eight felines famous on social media, with a collective following of over 55 million.

The Gravy Race is a single-elimination tournament.
The Gravy Race Single-Elimination Tournament | Source: SHEBA

The fastest cat to finish licking a 12-inch line of a GRAVY INDULGENCE Entrée wins in this single-elimination battle.

The first round of the “greatest feline competition in the world” starts on March 29, with the finals happening on April 2. The Gravy Race champion will win up to $5,000 in prizes.

The finals will be live-streamed from Times Square in New York.

Extending the Race to Cat Owners

Sheba has extended the excitement of the competition to cat parents living in the U.S. through The Gravy Race Sweepstakes.

Participants 18 years old and older can enter the contest for a chance to win a $3,000 gift card and a year's supply of SHEBA cat food and treats.

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Cat lovers can also join the contest by commenting on "The Gravy Race" trailer post on Instagram with a prediction on which of the eight cat influencers will become champion, tagging @SHEBABrandUS, and using the #SHEBAGravyRace and #Sweepstakes.

Mars Pet Nutrition North America CMO Jean-Paul Janse explains the idea behind the event:

"For cats, licking is a sign of bonding, and now the SHEBA brand has delivered the ultimate lick of gravy goodness that shows our feline friends just how much they're adored.”

"Not only can cat parents feel confident feeding their adult cat a 100% complete and balanced meal but SHEBA GRAVY INDULGENCE Entrées are what cats love and deserve, helping to create more moments of affection."

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