Fanta Rebrand Aims to Connect with Gen Z Through Multi-Channel Marketing

Fanta Rebrand Aims to Connect with Gen Z Through Multi-Channel Marketing

News by Marge Serrano
Published: February 16, 2023

Coke is looking to reinvigorate consumer interest in its once-iconic beverage, Fanta Orange 

The parent company of the famous orange soda is looking to do a complete visual identity overhaul on Fanta, with a reformulation and multichannel marketing push to boot. The rebrand is in line with Coke’s move away from sugary soda and towards healthier options in recent years. 

The new Fanta campaign incorporates Fanta Digital Ride n Sip, a web-based mobile game that relies on the phone’s motion sensors.  

A core aspect of the rebrand, the game has players control a chilled glass of Fanta Orange placed on a roller coaster track, preventing spillage by tilting their device left and right.  

Other marketing efforts include orange-scented murals along Los Angeles, Atlanta, and Toronto and planned events for LA in April.  

According to an announcement, Fanta also aims to release “culturally relevant content that awakens target audience’s cravings and generates awareness” on their social channels to promote the new changes.  

Multi-channel marketing efforts and a shift towards “culturally relevant content” and “awareness” may indicate Gen Z as the target audience of Fanta’s brand overhaul. 

Fanta has historically been a more significant player abroad than in the US, though the brand refresh may seek to change that. 

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