Big Mac Now Has an Autograph

Big Mac Now Has an Autograph

News by Vianca Meyer
Published: December 12, 2023

McDonald's Big Mac, a global fast-food icon since 1967, has finally acquired something that eluded it for years: an autograph.

This initiative, led by McDonald's Sweden, combines the creativity of 256,000 fans with advanced AI technology, culminating in a unique signature for the famed burger.

"The Big Mac doesn't need much of an introduction, as well-known as McDonald’s itself," says Susanne Wahlberg, brand manager at McDonald’s Sweden.

From Fan Submission to AI Fusion

Fans were invited to submit their vision of the Big Mac's autograph via the McDonald's app, a process that rewarded them with a free Big Mac.

These contributions were then synthesized using Dynamic Time Warp AI algorithms, creating a signature that reflects a shared vision of fans worldwide.

"Our icon finally has its own autograph, and it's based on the fans’ own handwriting," remarks Petter Dixelius, Creative Director at NORD DDB.

Given the Big Mac's inanimate nature, an industrial robot with a 3D-printed hand was employed for the physical act of signing, adding a futuristic touch to this unique endeavor.

This integration of robotics represents a significant leap in how we perceive autographs in the digital age.

"The campaign turned out great, and I think it will be much appreciated by Big Mac connoisseurs in Sweden and the rest of the world," Wahlberg added.

The top 100 contributors, as determined through the app's data, will receive exclusive Big Mac portraits autographed by the robot.

This act marks a new era of interaction between brands and their loyal customers.

"The first signed Big Mac photo will be donated to the world’s largest private autograph collection," further symbolizing the global impact of this initiative.

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