Check Out True UEFA Experience in Ad Starring Cesc Fàbregas

Check Out True UEFA Experience in Ad Starring Cesc Fàbregas

News by Roberto Orosa
Published: December 06, 2023

American travel agency Expedia is reminding us of the beauty and thrill of watching the UEFA Champions League in its latest campaign.

In a new promotional film "Nothing Beats Being There," Expedia recruits former Arsenal football legend Cesc Fàbregas to talk about his personal UEFA experiences — or lack thereof.

"You know, I've never really been to the UEFA Champions League... I've never had a chance to get lost in the city," Fàbregas notes. 

The football star then gets candid with his lack of genuine fan experience despite his extensive travels, as a montage of beautifully shot clips of the UEFA Champions League and the cities that have hosted adorn the screen.

"I'd love to march with the fans. Starting chants. Even to mess about with the rivals... Then you have all the food. The drinks. Party. I didn't get to do any of this," the football manager shares. 

However, despite his yearnings, Fàbregas ends the spot on a hopeful note. 

"Cesc Fàbregas has never been to the UEFA Champions League. Not like this. Not yet," he concludes, as viewers are encouraged to experience "travel the beautiful game" with Expedia Live.

Expedia Shows the True UEFA Experience in its latest ad, a collaborative effort between Anomaly and Expedia, as a part of a series of digital films set to be featured across key football publishers, paid social platforms and various owned and partner channels.

Michele Rousseau, senior vice-president of global brands at Expedia Group, expressed pride in Expedia Live being an Official Supplier of the Uefa Champions League.

"We're proud Expedia Live is an official supplier of the UEFA Champions League and can enable fans from around the world to travel and discover new cities, as nothing beats being there. Traveling to watch a game allows fans to experience new cultures and create special memories with friends and family that will last a lifetime," Rousseau concluded.

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