Rewarded Ads Platform Everyworld Surpasses 225K Users

Rewarded Ads Platform Everyworld Surpasses 225K Users

Published: April 01, 2024

Everyworld is emerging as a pioneering force in digital advertising, reshaping the traditional paradigms of online marketing in games through its innovative web3-based rewarded ads platform.

With a user base already exceeding 225,000 after launching its beta phase less than two months ago, Everyworld, a brainchild of gaming tech firm Everyrealm, is showing how people can earn — and help save the planet, too — simply by watching ads while gaming.

According to Everyworld's blog post, it “is the first web3 ad network in the world that was designed specifically to benefit users and the public equally.”

“The users of today’s platforms, games, and other consumer applications demand — and deserve — to be rewarded for engaging with a product,” TJ Kawamura, Everyworld’s chief crypto officer, said in a statement.

“After all, we are in the midst of the most competitive attention economy the world has ever seen, and products, now more than ever, depend on user participation,” Kawamura added.

Redefining User Engagement and Rewards

Everyworld's approach to digital advertising focuses on empowering users by rewarding them for interacting with online ads.

By utilizing blockchain technology and its native cryptocurrency, $EVERY, users can earn rewards for engaging with content, such as videos on Discord.

“To demonstrate the applicability of this blockchain technology to non-crypto uses, Everyworld displays ad content for both blockchain (web3) and also traditional video games,” Everyworld CEO Janine Yorio explained.

This unique rewards system supports environmental causes by making “a contribution of equal points value to an organization that's dedicated to environmental conversation.”

The Facts Backing Everyworld's Concept

According to Everyworld, its development and launch are based on the following statistics that prove the effectiveness of rewarded ads:

  • The majority of players (68%) favor this specific ad format
  • Users who view this particular ad style are six times more inclined to buy in-app offerings
  • 53% of users indicate they extend their gameplay duration due to receiving rewards for ad viewing

Everyworld's foray into the realm of Web3 advertising signifies a paradigm shift in the industry, where user engagement, rewards, and social impact converge to create a more dynamic and purpose-driven ecosystem.

“The goal is to onboard web3 natives and then to expand to a mainstream audience, and in doing so to demonstrate the transformative power of cryptocurrency to bring people together, rallying communities to collaborate toward common goals,” Yorio revealed.

Everyworld integrates ads into over 20 games. It is only available in select regions and countries, not yet including the U.S.

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