Every Man Jack Keeps You Smelling Good in New Spot

Every Man Jack Keeps You Smelling Good in New Spot

News by Roberto Orosa
Published: March 21, 2024

Amid the sea of unorthodox and comedic male grooming spots, Every Man Jack has made its own advert that lets its viewers know they can "still smell good," even on the unluckiest of days.

Crafted by creative agency Party Land, the 30-second spot begins with a man using Every Man Jack's Sandalwood deodorant stick before heading off to the forest. 

Accompanying the ad is a simple yet catchy tune that revolves around the protagonist's day of bad luck.

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The man then faces several challenges — all in sync with the catchy song's lyrics — the deeper he gets into his biking route, running into a hornet's nest, being chased by the largest wasps, and finally rolling down a cliff. 

"Fall down a mountain, but you still smell good. You died for seven seconds, but you still smell good," the song goes. 

And even after coming back from the dead, he manages to stay fresh and smell good with Every Man Jack.

Bloody and dirty, he arrives at an outdoor cafe to meet his friends, who are shocked by his appearance. The girl beside him smells him and nods in approval because, yes, he "stills smells good."

In true slapstick comedy, the commercial ends with the angry hornets from earlier finally tracking him down and attacking him.

The Idea Behind the Campaign

Party Land Managing Partner Andy Silva spoke about the idea behind the campaign, faced with the problem of convincing the brand's target audience that naturally derived deodorants can also be effective. 

"To land this point, we knew the idea had to be super simple, repetitive in nature and memorable at the point of purchase," Silva shared. 

Silva also expounded on the decision to incorporate a catchy jingle to the spot, backed by research that reveals how the same parts of our brain processes music, memory and emotion. 

"Drawing from Party Land's previous experience — including Every Man Jack’s beard campaign, where our original song proved impactful — we understood the power of music in communication."

Meanwhile, Every Man Jack VP of Marketing Ellie Off expressed the grooming company's focus on earning consumer trust beyond just having a good time and sharing laughs. 

"In a category where confidence means everything to our consumers, our campaign showcases how Every Man Jack deodorant offers dependable odor control combined with rugged, outdoorsy scents for unbeatable effectiveness."

"Through a series of hilariously memorable events, we drive this message home, fully embracing the personality and humor that Party Land has helped infuse into our brand to resonate with our core audience," he added.

Meanwhile, MANSCAPED launched its own humorous campaign advocating healthy male grooming.

Editing by Katherine 'Makkie' Maclang

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