Employer Branding Key for Recruiting Top Talent, Expert Reveals

Employer Branding Key for Recruiting Top Talent, Expert Reveals

News by Anja Paspalj
Published: February 28, 2023

Employer branding has become key when attracting top talent in any industry. This means that the way companies market themselves to potential job seekers could be a make-or-break moment when finding a great fit between employer and employee.  

According to the director of global recruiting company Hays James Hallahan, 85% of professionals believe an organization’s purpose is extremely important when considering a new role. 

It’s important for an organization to not only communicate their brand – illustrating it on their website is a good starting point – but to follow through with it every day,” says Hallahan in an exclusive interview for Spotlight.  

Additionally, professionals tend to assess companies by their ability to present a diverse and inclusive work environment and even more so by an organization’s commitment to sustainability goals.  

Considering the ongoing trend of hybrid and remote working options, employees hold companies that support a healthy work-life balance in high value, looking for employers that focus on the long-term wellness of employees, which is a crucial aspect of employer branding. 

“Our research also shows that a flexible hybrid approach, where employees can decide when they are in the workplace, would tempt 62% of professionals to change jobs,” explains Hallahan. 

Hays lists these aspects of employee branding as not only essential for acquiring top talent, but for retaining high-quality employees for the long haul.  

On the other hand, Hallahan suggests further developing soft skills as a potential employee, listing this as an essential skill set across all industries that will only grow more valuable in the future. Soft skills include all skills that cannot be replaced by technology, such as creativity and communication, particularly valuable during the recruiting process. 

“Rest assured, there are certain skillsets that only humans bring to the table, which make us indispensable,” he concludes. 

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