Email Outshines Social Media as Customer's Preferred Communication Channel, Says Marketing Expert

Email Outshines Social Media as Customer's Preferred Communication Channel, Says Marketing Expert

News by Joanna NodadoJoanna Nodado
Published: June 29, 2023

Despite the rise of social media platforms, email remains the preferred communication channel for a large segment of buyers, according to Greg d'Aboville, head of marketing at email finder platform,

"Top managers and busy professionals might not have 30 minutes to spend every day on social networks to check the latest trends and products," the marketing lead states.

In an exclusive interview with Spotlight, d'Aboville further explains that email offers distinct advantages over social media in terms of convenience and efficiency. Unlike social media, email allows for quick digestion of content without distractions, making it less overwhelming for professionals.

Cold emailing, a crucial aspect of email marketing, has faced challenges in recent years, says d'Aboville. However, he emphasizes that cold emailing is far from dead, asserting, "It’s still one of the best and most affordable ways to establish business relationships."

To succeed in cold email campaigns, d'Aboville suggests that email marketing agencies should improve on quality and make their campaigns personalized to their target customers.

"Focus on creating a list of people who are very likely to be interested in your offering. Second, work hard on the personalization of your email. Lastly, make sure that your email is written from your prospect's perspective: keep it short, personal, and to the point."

By tailoring messages to the specific needs and interests of recipients, businesses can enhance their chances of standing out and generating a favorable response.

While email marketing offers significant benefits, one of the key challenges lies in finding and verifying the right email addresses. D'Aboville acknowledges this difficulty, stating, "Going from one prospect to an email address is still incredibly difficult."

"First, because finding emails is not an easy process. You have to buy data through a third-party, which has become increasingly difficult because of privacy regulations... Also, because 18% of companies’ workforces renewing every year, updating the data is also a challenge in itself," he adds.

To address this challenge, email-finding tools like play a crucial role. D'Aboville highlights the importance of such platforms in the success of email outreach, as they help businesses find the right contacts, ensure data accuracy, and protect their email domain reputation.

View our full interview with Greg d’Aboville to learn more about email marketing.
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