Elon Musk Reveals Zero Ads on Twitter Is Coming

Elon Musk Reveals Zero Ads on Twitter Is Coming

News by Joanna Nodado
Published: January 21, 2023

Elon Musk has revealed a "higher-priced subscription" without ads is coming on Twitter, sighting that the ads displayed on the social media platform are "too big" and "too frequent."

This is good news for those clamoring for an ad-free version of Twitter. Musk did not give details about when the ad-free subscription would be available, but he committed to "taking steps" to address Twitter ads issues in the coming weeks.

While the social media platform has always been free to use, it has become increasingly cluttered with ads in recent years. This has led many users to complain about the user experience and even Musk himself.

Just last week, Wall Street Journal reported, Twitter has offered free advertisements to brands that advertise on the platform in an attempt to match advertisers' ad spending of up to US$250,000. 

This is not the company's first attempt to woo advertisers back. Last year, Twitter offered US$500,000 of free ad space to brands that spent US$500,000 with a US$1 million cap. 

Twitter has lost 50 of its 100 top advertisers, including brands like Ford, Jeep, Chevrolet and Chipotle, after Musk took over as CEO in October last year.

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