Ed Gamble's Tour Poster: A Tale of Cucumbers and Compliance

Ed Gamble's Tour Poster: A Tale of Cucumbers and Compliance

Published: March 29, 2024

In a quirky turn of events, British comedian Ed Gamble found himself at the center of a humorous regulatory conundrum when his promotional posters for an upcoming tour clashed with Transport for London's (TfL) advertising guidelines.

The initial poster, featuring Gamble wiping ketchup and mustard on his face with a tempting hot dog sandwich on a plate in front of him, ran afoul of TfL's strict rules on junk food advertising.

The poster is for Gamble’s “Hot Diggity Dog” tour at Hackney Empire in June.

The Cucumber Chronicles: A Comedian's Creative Solution

Faced with the challenge of adhering to TfL's ban on promoting foods high in fat, sugar, and salt, Gamble ingeniously swapped out the contentious hot dog for a more wholesome and compliant cucumber.

Embracing the absurdity of the situation, Gamble hilariously mused on the unconventional pairing of cucumbers with ketchup and mustard, injecting his signature wit into the unexpected turn of events in an Instagram post.

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“I don’t have a problem with the TfL regulations, they make sense to me. But the new posters promote something way more harmful – the idea that cucumbers pair well with ketchup and mustard,” the comedian said.

“I’m not sad to have to remove the hot dog, it was only featured on the poster because I wanted to eat during the photoshoot,” he added.

The revised poster not only met TfL's stringent advertising criteria but also sparked a wave of attention and amusement.

Gamble, known for his quick wit and comedic prowess, even playfully suggested renaming his show to "Cu Diggity Cucumber."

Riding further on the hype, Gamble claims that all of his jokes now come “rich in Vitamin B1,” further showcasing his ability to turn a regulatory hiccup into a comedic opportunity.

Meanwhile, the TfL is also pleased with Gamble's quick compliance.

“A revised advert is now running on the network and we are always happy to work with people to ensure adverts follow our policy,” a TfL spokesperson stated.

The prohibition on junk food advertising throughout all of London’s Tube lines was implemented in 2019.

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