Eastpak Spotlights the Spirit of Cosplayers in New Ad

Eastpak Spotlights the Spirit of Cosplayers in New Ad
News by Roberto Orosa
Published: February 29, 2024

Boston-founded lifestyle brand Eastpak just released a new ad that shines a spotlight on the creativity of cosplayers, as well as their drive for self-expression.

The nearly 90-second short film "Built to Resist 2024" zooms in on the lives of individual cosplayers after they attend a cosplay convention.

It builds on the "Built to Resist" campaign launched last year.

The Colorful World of Cosplay

"As one chapter concludes, a new one begins," the narrator shares. 

As the attendees bid each other farewell and go their own separate ways, they accomplish mundane everyday tasks in full-costume.

A blue man with horns and an Eastpak luggage makes "haste across the grey plains of Mundania," AKA, a random street.

A cosplayer enjoys a hotdog at the tavern.
A cosplayer enjoys a hotdog at the tavern. (Source: Eastpak)

A superhero hails a cab, which the narrator refers to as an "iron beast," and loads his Eastpak backpack on the trunk. A woman in studded armor "relishes on great feasts" in taverns. 

"With imagination as our ally, our numbers grow. And as we complete our adventure, we get ready to rise once more," the narrator shares. 

The spot concludes with each cosplayer having their shining moment and capping off with one final message, "We are built to resist."

The Beauty of Self-Expression

"At Eastpak, we side with those who don’t accept the status quo," shared Pete Winkworth, Eastpak's global marketing director.

"At their core, they are people who inspire and embrace change, celebrate the beauty of self-expression, and are eager to explore the world around them [...] The Cosplay and LARP communities fit perfectly within that, and with 'Built to Resist 24,' we wanted to stay true to their ethos.”

Independent creative agency Mutant continues to work alongside Eastpak to bring life to the campaign.

Odin Saillé, founder and chief creative at Mutant, expressed his belief that the lifestyle brand had always been one to encourage transformation. 

"Who didn’t customize their bag with markers, safety pins, Tipp-Ex and patches? There’s a beautiful parallel between that ritual and what these cosplayers do. With every new addition to their wardrobe, they unveil a new aspect of their identity."

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Editing by Katherine 'Makkie' Maclang

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