Duracell Powers Nostalgia This Holiday Season

Duracell Powers Nostalgia This Holiday Season
Published: November 30, 2022

Duracell partnered with Wieden + Kennedy New York creative agency to launch a nostalgia-fueled advertising campaign that puts wholesomeness in the spotlight like what many other brands are doing for this year’s holiday season.

“There’s nothing better than being a kid on Christmas morning — until you become a parent,” the voiceover from the 30-second spot says.Parents, however, can still enjoy the nostalgia associated with grainy home movies that take them back to a much different time.

The spot opens with scenes from real home movies, showing children waking up on a Christmas morning and the rush of joy as their consciousness grasps with the realization that it is the most wonderful day of the year.

With “Lots and Lots of Love” by LaVern Baker rocking in the background, children are digging into their presents and finding cult classics among toys, all of which require batteries to run. Naturally, they all use Duracell batteries due to its quality and long battery life.

The grainy, somewhat pixelated content gives way to a vertical format like the one on a smartphone, signaling the change of times and switching to more modern home movies in higher definition.

The real home movies Duracell sourced from real families emphasize togetherness in the face of growing inflation and other crises shaking the foundations of the world we live in.

Much like other brands such as McDonald’s and PepsiCo, Duracell is also hoping for more people to find meaning in family values, nostalgia and sharing, rather than overt materialism.

Duracell’s brand strategy for this year’s holidays also includes social media activations, namely “Duracell’s Awe-some Toy Bracket” championship. For this event, Duracell pitted the best toys of all time against each other in a Twitter competition, including Game Boy, Bop-It and Furby. Only one toy will win, and we’ll know which one come December 19.

The event makes Duracell one of the brands still willing to advertise on Twitter despite the ongoing issues at the social media network.

In addition, Duracell decided to reach a younger crowd this season, relying on TikTok as the go-to channel. New York City-based Duracell Labs launched this fall with a call for tech enthusiasts who could help produce life-hack and gadget-related content.

The company also called on its TikTok following to create a concept for a new battery-powered toy for Christmas this year, so stick around for some one-of-a-kind ideas.

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