DoorDash's Three-Part Ad Series Is Art

DoorDash's Three-Part Ad Series Is Art

News by Roberto Orosa
Published: January 23, 2024

Delivery service DoorDash Canada just launched a new cinematic ad series told in three different musical acts, breaking the conventions of traditional advertising storytelling. 

The three spots, made together with Hard Work Club and Spy Films, shines with its beautiful choreography, lighting and set design.

In the first act "The Party," a birthday celebration is seemingly ruined when a young girl accidentally slingshots through a birthday cake.

In a panic, the family teams up to get a replacement cake via DoorDash. As soon as the order is placed, bakers over at the shop rush to create a picture-perfect cake for Norah. 

As the delivery man hands over the new cake, the party resumes and Norah is finally able to blow the candles on her birthday cake.

While the first act focuses on where the delivery is being made, majority of the second act, "The Order," takes place in the bakery, where the delivery is coming from.

On top of spinning podiums and tables, the team kneads, whisks and powers through the 30-second runtime, before the baker finishes the cake with a cherry on top.

The spot concludes with the cake being boxed, and the DoorDash delivery guy takes care of the rest. 

The last act titled, "The Dash," then shows how the delivery man responds to the new order in a prompt manner. 

Taking on the responsibility to deliver the package, the guy is seen creatively dancing through different obstacles, and even bad weather. 

After the sequence, the man gets on his bike to hand over the cake to the woman introduced in the first act, tying together the three spots.

Heather Cameron, DoorDash Canada's head of brand and creative, explains the idea behind the campaign, highlighting the hard work of its partners and Dashers. “It can feel like you push a button and just like that, a delivery arrives at your door.” 

“But of course, there is a whole neighbourhood hustling to make that happen. This work gives merchants and Dashers their due, putting a magical Spotlight on the whole flywheel that makes what we do possible,” she added.

Meanwhile, Hard Work Club Co-founder and Executive Director Meghan Kramer shares that the goal of the campaign is to celebrate artistic expression without coming across as promotional.

“We wanted to show the connective thread that weaves through each neighbourhood and every order – bringing the customer, the merchant and Dasher stories into a single arc,” Kramer explained.

All three spots will be aired during the NBA All-Star Game slated to take place on February 18.

Editing by Katherine 'Makkie' Maclang

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