DoorDash Bets Big on Giveaways in Super Bowl Ad

DoorDash Bets Big on Giveaways in Super Bowl Ad

News by Roberto Orosa
Published: January 31, 2024

Delivery service DoorDash is going all out with its Super Bowl ad campaign, giving one lucky viewer a chance to win every product advertised during the Big Game. 

In the 30-second spot the brand launched Tuesday, different products — from Doritos Dinamita to a BMW EV9 — take center stage on top of a cliff. 

"DoorDash can DoorDash pretty much anything. So this year, during football's biggest event, DoorDash will DoorDash stuff from all the ads all to one winner," the narrator explains, as the DoorDash logo rises from the ground. 

The narrator admits that the company is still figuring out how to give away all the products, as DoorDash remains unaware of other brands' plans. 

"And who knows what else. We haven't fully thought this through yet," he hilariously explains.

The spot ends with a call to action leading viewers to the official website for the sweepstakes:

A Risky $480,000 Move

With about 40 brands looking to impress a nationwide audience during American sports' biggest annual event, fulfilling DoorDash's promise is no easy feat.

However, DoorDash Chief Marketing Officer Kofi Amoo-Gottfried explained in an interview that the company is using the campaign as an ignition point that hopes to "drive a reappraisal for DoorDash." 

The message, according to Amoo-Gottfried, is "that you can get everything on DoorDash — we've evolved beyond more than restaurants."

While the estimated cost of all the products to be awarded sits at about $480,000, the CMO reveals that the campaign is less about the amount and more about the idea.

"The thing that we find exciting is that we've spent close to 60 years watching all these ads, but I've never been able to get everything," he said.

Source: DoorDash

To enter the sweepstakes, viewers must be tuned into the Super Bowl on February 11 and bookmark the official website.

Once the DoorDash commercial plays, they must crack the promo code and enter it on the website for a shot at winning it all.

"We believe there's no better way to showcase what's possible with DoorDash than literally delivering all the Big Game ads to one lucky winner," Amoo-Gottfried shared in a press release.

Editing by Katherine 'Makkie' Maclang

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