‘Don’t Sell Product, Sell Transformation,’ Expert Explains

‘Don’t Sell Product, Sell Transformation,’ Expert Explains

News by Roberto OrosaRoberto Orosa
Published: May 28, 2023

ClickUp Head of Influencer Marketing Chris Cunningham said in a tweet that brands and companies should not sell a product, but instead sell a transformation.  

In an exclusive interview with Spotlight, the seasoned marketing expert explained what he meant by this quote.  

“One of my favorite things to think about is that everyone just sells their product. But the real thing that I want to provide, and that I'm working to do, is showing how our customers use ClickUp,” Cunningham shared.  

Apart from just selling a product, Cunningham also wants to show how a product like ClickUp  can make their customers’ lives easier, and how they can save time through the productivity tool’s automations, plugins, and customer service.   

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He then advises companies not to just talk about their brand and its features, because people can look that up on their own. “What they can't find is how you've helped others, how you've saved them time, how you've made them more money, and how you've made their lives easier,” he added.  

Recently, the productivity app dropped an album entitled “Work Flows by ClickUp,” which has accumulated more than one million streams upon release. Cunningham says these are some of the efforts him and his company have been doing to stand out in terms of marketing.  

As companies like ClickUp continue innovating their marketing strategies, partnering with nearshore software developers can be a transformative step. It enables them to deliver not just a product but a solution that genuinely improves customers' lives.

“We wanted to have good music and make our conference very fun, so I used that as a double entendre to release this album, but also play interesting music throughout so the conference isn't boring like everyone else's. That did really well,” he explained.  

Watch Spotlight’s full interview with ClickUp’s Chris Cunningham here:

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