Domino's Helps Clear Snow to Make Way for Pizza

Domino's Helps Clear Snow to Make Way for Pizza

News by Roberto Orosa
Published: December 05, 2023

Domino's is making sure every customer in the United States gets access to their pizza, regardless of the cold weather.

The leading pizza chain released several spots to promote its new holiday campaign, in which the company will be giving away $500,000 in grants for snow-plowing initiatives.

"Plowing for Pizza" extends beyond marketing and delivering its world-famous pizzas.

Through the campaign, Domino's will be facilitating the creation of clear pathways to reach carryout customers during inclement weather.

"At Domino's, we've crafted delivery vehicles equipped with warming ovens, engineered well-maintained roads to transport your pizza home in optimal condition, and even introduced pizza insurance for unforeseen hiccups," Joe Jordan, President of U.S. and Global Services at Domino's shared in a statement.

How Does 'Plowing for Pizza' Work?

Nominations for cities eligible to receive $25,000 in snow plowing grants are now open, with up to 20 cities set to benefit from this initiative.

Those interested can submit their hometown zip codes for consideration at and can do so until January 21, with a one-submission limit per email address.

Domino's has collaborated with three municipalities to date to boost their winter plowing efforts, including Erie, PA; Marquette, MI; and Manhattan, MT.

The chosen towns will receive funds to facilitate snow clearance and a Domino's Plowing for Pizza kit, featuring winter-themed essentials such as hats, scarves, a snow measuring stick, signage and vehicle magnets.

Each awarded community will receive $200 in Domino's gift cards to treat plow drivers to a Domino's pizza for their hardworking efforts.

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