Dodge Releases a Holiday Ad Teaser for New Charger

Dodge Releases a Holiday Ad Teaser for New Charger

News by Vianca Meyer
Published: December 08, 2023

Dodge has given muscle car enthusiasts a holiday-themed glimpse of the much-anticipated 2025 Charger. The ad, wrapped in Christmas cheer, showcases the new Charger and exemplifies Dodge's mastery in marketing.

Featuring a "Santa's Naughty List" book, the ad reveals the new Charger in a stylized form, highlighting a red, muscular coupe reminiscent of the 2022 Charger Daytona SRT concept.

While the 2025 Charger echoes the design of its concept predecessor, it also introduces new elements, with headlights being the most noticeable change.

The production-spec Charger trades the concept's setup for circular units, a nod to the Charger's heritage and a clear link to its muscle car roots.

Rumors of the powertrains have been rife, with expectations of both electric and internal combustion engines. Other leaks appear to show an engine bay and transmission tunnel, suggesting the presence of the Hurricane inline-six engine alongside the anticipated electric variant.

As much as this advertisement stirs excitement, it also brings a tinge of longing, with the Charger's availability slated for late 2024.

The ad's fine print reveals that the Charger will be available in late 2024, likely making it a 2025 model-year vehicle, extending the anticipation for another year.

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