Disney Advertising Integrates VideoAmp to Bolster Its Data Cleanrooms

Disney Advertising Integrates VideoAmp to Bolster Its Data Cleanrooms

Published: December 06, 2022

Disney is improving its data cleanroom technology with the help of VideoAmp’s advertising measurement, according to a press release.

The media company intends to integrate VideoAmp’s optimization and planning strategies to elevate its own data cleanroom efforts and double down on tech to help advertisers skim through the data most efficiently.

Omnicom Media Group has joined Disney in helping it run initial brand tests to see how it will perform come the launch of ad-supported Disney+ streaming on December 8. The VideoAmp partnership should help Disney in creating a platform that advertisers can use to find audience-based matches programmatically, without breaking confidentiality or gaining access to other proprietary information.

Geoffrey Calabrese, Omnicom Media Group’s North American chief investment officer, said that “the agency has been able to match first-party, second-party and third-party audiences within its proprietary orchestration systems and measure delivery across platforms for its clients.”

As connected TV keeps gaining traction, both advertisers and media companies will need more accurate measurements related to their investments. Without third-party cookies to guide ad purchases and as data privacy concerns are mounting, data cleanrooms seem to be the next great thing in advertising.

According to recent Insider Intelligence research, 37% of agencies as well as 37% of media owners plan to increase investment in cleanrooms.

“As viewership rapidly shifts to streaming and connected TV, clients are looking for a holistic understanding of audience across all touchpoints, and identity interoperability will be critical to delivering brands a comprehensive and consistent understanding of audience,” said Lisa Valentino, executive vice president of client solutions and addressable enablement for Disney Advertising, in the release.

Disney Advertising came out to say that its one-year-old cleanroom technology has elevated advertiser engagement already. It has also improved the company’s speed of execution, allowing advertisers to plan, buy and measure campaigns in real-time.

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