Advertisers Fully Book Disney's NHL All-Star

Advertisers Fully Book Disney's NHL All-Star

News by Marge Serrano
Published: February 06, 2023

Sold Out National Hockey League (NHL) All-Star Ad Time strengthens Disney's foray into the competitive advertising world, showcasing an impressive line-up of 34 advertisers and 12 sponsors. 

All-Star's second season shows a larger diversity in advertisers, with companies hailing from the fields of electronics and gadgets, food supplements, cleaning products and pet supplies. 

NHL viewership has also seen an 18% increase resulting in a doubled annual rights revenue growth since last year’s $1B media rights deal with ESPN and Turner Sports. 

Some of this year's advertisers are Apple, American Express, AT&T, Wendy’s, Beer Company, Expedia and Capital One. Sponsors include Honda, Great Clips, Geico, Goodyear, Enterprise and Upper Deck. 

Meanwhile, certain brands such as Chipotle and Discover have opted for both sponsoring and advertising for the event. The 2023 NHL All-Stars also marks Chipotle's first venture in professional sports sponsorship. 

Honda is slated to be the title sponsor of the much-awaited NHL All-Star Game to be held on Sunday, while Enterprise will promote the "Hat Trick Challenge" through a broadcast feature and standalone billboard during the Skills Match event. The national event will also include a 30-minute live pregame, "The Drop," sponsored by Enterprise.  

NHL All-Star will air on Feb 3 on ESPN and ESPN+. The Skills Match will be the first game from the ice hockey league's weekend event. 

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