Disney Boosts Ad Capabilities with Google and The Trade Desk

Disney Boosts Ad Capabilities with Google and The Trade Desk

Published: March 20, 2024

Disney is collaborating with major demand-side platforms (DSPs) Google and The Trade Desk in a move to expand its Disney Real-Time Ad Exchange (DRAX Direct).

This move marks a departure in strategy for Disney as it aims to enhance its ad capabilities on streaming services Disney+ and Hulu.

By adopting Google's Display & Video 360 and The Trade Desk, Disney is opening up its connected TV (CTV) ad inventory to programmatic ad markets, making the ad buying process more accessible for advertisers of all sizes, whether they are national, regional, or local.

Jamie Power, SVP of addressable sales at Disney Advertising, emphasized the significance of this move in a statement:

"Disney continues to define the future of TV advertising. Through our expanded relationship with Display & Video 360, we are innovating on behalf of buyers to create a direct path to our portfolio, while driving greater effectiveness for brands."

Simplifying Ad Transactions With DRAX Direct

This is the first time DRAX Direct, an initiative that aims to make ad transactions on Disney+ and Hulu more efficient and effective, will be expanded.

"Owning our own technology stack allows us to build a direct path between our premium inventory and the leading media buying platforms in the industry, simplifying the way ads are bought and sold on Disney while delivering greater effectiveness for our clients," Power explained.

The integration with Google's Display & Video 360 and The Trade Desk not only streamlines the workflow for advertisers but also underscores Disney's commitment to addressable and automated digital advertising.

Disney is positioning itself to capture a larger share of programmatic ad revenues and offer advertisers a more seamless and effective way to reach their target audiences.

The partnerships occur just before the upfront season and coincide with the transition of Disney+ and Hulu into a unified interface, which is set to exit beta testing this month.

The two platforms will still be available as separate streaming apps.

“When someone goes into Disney+ they have this enormous other world to access and I think that people are going to discover content they never even realized was on Hulu,” Disney Entertainment’s DTC President Joe Earley said in the official announcement of the beta version.

Navigating Cookie-less Advertising and Marketing

As the digital advertising landscape evolves with the impending deprecation of cookies and other online data restrictions, Disney's partnership with Google and The Trade Desk becomes even more crucial.

By adopting technologies like The Trade Desk's OpenPath and Unified ID Solution 2.0, Disney is driving transparency in digital media buying.

“Expanding our partnership with Disney Advertising underscores a shared vision to maximize the value of relevant advertising, especially at a moment when the industry needs it the most,” shared Will Doherty, VP of inventory development at The Trade Desk.

Disney’s newly formed partnerships strengthen its position within the digital advertising industry, allowing the global brand to continue delivering premium content alongside effective advertising solutions.

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