DirecTV's New Ads Star Two Talking Pigeons

DirecTV's New Ads Star Two Talking Pigeons
News by Roberto Orosa
Published: February 21, 2024

DIRECTV just launched a series of spots with the help of its two new stars: a pair of talking pigeons. 

The "For the Birds" campaign is meant to Spotlight the provider's satellite-free service, while adding a comedic touch. 

"The Good Stuff"

The ad kicks off with two pigeons, Frankie and Bobbie, perched outside an apartment as a family browses through videos, courtesy of DIRECTV.

Bobbie asks where the satellite dish is, to which Frankie responds "there ain't one."

"You're telling me you can get DIRECTV, 'the good stuff,' and you don't need a satellite dish? I used to love doing my business on those things," Bobbie quipped. 

The two get into a slight argument with Bobbie preferring the use of a dish and Frankie against it. 

"Satellite-free DIRECTV, never thought I'd see the day," Bobbie comments, as the 30-seconder ends. 


This time, Bobbie the pigeon watches a couple as they stream shows using DIRECTV. Frankie then arrives, surprising him with a makeshift satellite.

"Oh no, those DIRECTV dishes have that perfect slope. Nothing else does it for my sciatica," Bobbie responds. 

The pigeon continues, saying, "These smug mammals got it all, and we got a bare roof with no dish!"

The 30-second spot ends with Frankie asking Bobby not to yell in front of his girlfriend — who, like the dish, also happens to be a makeshift pigeon.

Made in collaboration with creative agency TBWA\Chiat\Day LA, other episodes include Bobby refusing to believe DIRECTV could have Netflix next to live sports, and Frankie asking him what a "squab" is when they watch one being roasted on TV.

DIRECTV Chief Marketing Officer Vince Torres shares the idea behind the ad campaign, highlighting the way consumers have trusted the service provider for the past 30 years, bringing them entertainment and sports "both at home and on the go." 

"[It] allows the ease of use of DIRECTV to take center stage, through the humor and plight of Bobby and Frank, who are among the first to notice the change and then take a clever approach to explaining it to consumers," he explained.

Meanwhile, TBWA\Chiat\Day LA Executive Creative Director Jason Karley explains the challenges of wittily highlighting the absence of a satellite dish in an ad. 

"So the team thought about who would miss satellite dishes the most. Who spends enough time on roofs and ledges to notice? How about two street-smart, voyeur pigeons who take issue with some great news from DIRECTV," Karley shared.

To boost the campaign, digital out-of-home radio spots will be strategically placed in bespoke high-impact locations across the United States, with details on experiential elements to be unveiled in the coming weeks.

Editing by Katherine 'Makkie' Maclang

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