Digital Transformation Takes Time and Iteration, Expert Says

Digital Transformation Takes Time and Iteration, Expert Says

News by Roberto Orosa
Published: May 22, 2023

While 72% of customer interactions are digital, most organizations still struggle with their digital transformation initiatives, especially when it comes to integrating data-driven insights into their user-facing products.  

Tiffany Chin, Pendo’s Vice President of Design, believes digital transformation takes time and iteration to be successful. In an exclusive interview with Spotlight, the VP details how many digital transformation efforts tried hard to recreate analog processes in the way they’ve always been done and how “the needle can move so much more.”  

“The transformation of paper-based forms into digital could be scanning an existing form, emailing the form, printing, filling it out, scanning the form, and emailing back, or it could be an editable Word document, it could be a table PDF form,” she explained.  

Chin also emphasized the importance of incorporating data-driven insights into the design process of user-facing products, which can involve research, user behavior data analysis, and testing.  

“Additionally, companies should prioritize creating a culture of continuous improvement and experimentation to stay ahead of changing customer needs,” she added.  

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Pendo, a product experience and digital adoption solutions company, helps organizations build better software for their own clients depending on their specific needs. “With Pendo, you have a direct line to your customers, you can validate with them if your product is meeting their needs, where it falls short, and what you can do about it,” Chin shared.  

The VP also shared her practices when it comes to working on these projects with her team.  

“I like to step back and hone in on the problem that digital transformation is trying to achieve. The problem is, what are the jobs that need to be done? What will we solve with a particular experience? What can digitally bring that will truly transform an initiative,” she explained.

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