DesignRush Announces November's Best Design Award Winners

DesignRush Announces November's Best Design Award Winners

News by Vianca Meyer
Published: November 24, 2023

DesignRush has announced its November selection of Best Design Awards winners.

DesignRush's monthly Best Design Awards present the top design agencies leaving an impact on a variety of industries.

Best Website Design: Digital Silk

Barton G.'s new website, crafted by Digital Silk, has been honored with the Best Web Design Award.

The site stands out for its vibrant, interactive visuals, dividing the homepage into three color-activated sections:

  • Restaurants
  • Events
  • Catering

Each section offers a unique user experience, from an engaging video and artistic imagery on the Restaurants page to a video header and floral design in the Events section.

The Catering page complements these with dynamic visuals and clear typography, ensuring seamless navigation.

This innovative approach to web design provides an engaging, user-friendly experience, solidifying Barton G.'s website as a leader in digital creativity.

Best Logo Design: Tequila

Tequila's latest creation, the Plumsheep logo, brilliantly blends fun and professionalism, winning this November’s Best Logo Design.

The logo's sheep head silhouette embodies the brand's values of creativity and compassion, targeting a youthful, dynamic audience.

Its unique color scheme, combining plum and bright yellow, enhances brand recognition and appeals to those who value boldness and creativity.

The use of bold, sans-serif typography adds a sense of reliability while maintaining an approachable vibe.

This harmonious combination of elements in Plumsheep's logo design sets a new standard in branding, effectively communicating the brand's vibrant and innovative personality.

Best Print Design: ANNA KUPSTOVA

The book cover for "Furthermoor," designed by Anna Kuptsova, has received the Best Print Design Award for its striking illustrations and skillful use of color.

The cover captivates with detailed character imagery and a vibrant dual-color palette that effectively contrasts the novel's urban and mystical forest settings.

A central clockface symbol ties the design together, reflecting the novel's themes of time and fate and adding intrigue for readers.

Kuptsova's design not only draws immediate attention but also sets the emotional tone for the story, masterfully blending adventure with relatability.

This award-winning cover demonstrates the critical role of compelling print design in engaging readers and framing a book's narrative.

Best App Design: Qodeca

Qodeca's Codos mobile app ingeniously blends gaming with environmental activism, featuring a vibrant, RPG-inspired design, earning them this November’s Best App Design.

The app rewards users with Codos tokens for choosing sustainable transportation, using machine learning to calculate CO2 savings.

Its engaging interface includes personalized avatars, challenges, leaderboards and a simple, intuitive navigation system.

This innovative approach to encouraging eco-friendly behaviors has earned Codos the Best App Design Award, highlighting the potential of creative tech solutions in promoting global environmental responsibility.

Best Package Design: Our Kind

Our Kind Studio's package design for Despierta tea, blending modern mysticism with functionality, has earned the Best Packaging Design Award.

The design features soothing pastel colors and unique illustrations that symbolize nature, connection and enlightenment, aligning with Despierta's spiritual brand ethos.

Additionally, the practical use of resealable pouches ensures the freshness of the tea, enhancing the overall consumer experience.

This innovative approach to packaging successfully merges visual appeal with practicality, setting a new standard in the industry.

Best Video Design: SAHAL creative

Setcy's 3D promotional video design for its customized power banks, created by SAHAL creative, has won the Best Video Design Award.

The video utilizes impactful white typography and contrasting visuals to highlight the product's features.

Fast-paced scenes and energetic music illustrate the transformation of standard power banks into personalized accessories, effectively engaging viewers.

This innovative approach to showcasing product customization sets a new benchmark in advertising, successfully capturing the essence of Setcy's unique offering.

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