DesignRush Announces March’s Best Design Award Winners

DesignRush Announces March’s Best Design Award Winners

Published: March 25, 2024

DesignRush has just released the winners of the DesignRush Best Design Awards for March 2024.

Every month, DesignRush shines a spotlight on design agencies that are setting the creative world on fire across different industries.

These trailblazers are wowing audiences with their outstanding designs in six categories: web, logo, print, app, packaging, and video.

Best Website Design: Outcrowd

Outcrowd wins best web design for March 2024.

Deed Delivery’s website is modern and dynamic, with live-moving animations and splashes of vibrant colors that enhance user engagement and create an appealing experience.

Its sleek website design fits smoothly with the needs of a delivery and trucking firm, seamlessly blending clean aesthetics and innovative technology that focuses on providing transparency within the delivery chain.

Designed by Outcrowd, Deed Deliver’s web layout is intuitive, and its interface is user-friendly, allowing visitors to navigate seamlessly through the company's offerings and services.

The incorporation of interactive elements, like stimulating graphics and videos, contributes to a captivating user experience, ensuring that the website leaves a lasting impression on its audience.

Best Logo Design: Desope Graphic

Desope Graphic wins best logo design with its work for Masada.

The logo design for Israel-based Masada successfully captures the essence of the company's values and identity within the premier real estate industry.

By incorporating elements inspired by Mount Masada in the Dead Sea, from where the agency got its name, the logo immediately achieves a sense of recognizability rooted in reliability.

The logo Desope Graphic created conveys the brand's three most important aspects:

  • Mountain for Mount Masada
  • “M” for Masada
  • Diamond with windows for real estate

This simple, compact design reflects a deliberate effort to maintain a sense of restraint, avoiding unnecessary embellishments to manifest the brand’s professionalism.

The chosen colors, in combinations of black and white, desert sand and black, and midnight blue and desert sand, symbolize Masada’s roots and its core offering of real estate in Israel.

Best Print Design: Falzone Studio

Falzone Studio's work for IDM Business Incubator wins best print design.

The branding for the IDM Business Incubator at NOI Techpark in Alto Adige, which supports startups through an environment conducive to business growth, is a masterful fusion of creativity and functionality.

The integration of the Alto Adige mountain silhouette into face-to-face profiles using clean lines symbolizes a harmonious blend of nature and innovation, perfectly encapsulating the essence of its services.

Crafted by Falzone Studio, the print design's emphasis on the contrasting elements of autonomy and interconnectedness mirrors IDM's ethos of providing versatile services tailored to diverse startup needs.

The vibrant colors that symbolize nature and the muted tones of black and beige that stand for modern tech play a significant part in the overall design cohesiveness.

Best App Design: Saeculum Solutions

Saeculum Solutions' work for Wayfinder wins best app design.

The Wayfinder app is a multifaceted solution for modern travelers and businesses in the U.K. that utilizes hi-tech AR/VR to deliver an “immersive route visualization.”

The app design, developed by Saeculum Solutions, provides an intuitive user interface and promises to offer efficient route suggestions that make getting to a specific destination faster.

It allows people to easily view and select different routes using various modes of transportation, with real-time travel durations.

Wayfinder allows for travel cards to be saved on the app, making seamless payments possible, while also offering goods transportation.

Best Package Design: Anton Antishin

Anton Antishin's Tink candy gift set wins best package design.

Tink's Superfood gift set for its range of Ukrainian skin care cosmetics is a delight to behold, with its candy-shaped packaging and vibrant colors of pink, yellow, and green.

Each candy artistically infuses each of the nature-inspired ingredients central to the cosmetic line, with three flavors to choose from:

  1. Exotic
  2. Vegan
  3. Tropical

Designer Anton Antishin creatively meshed the contrasting ideas of sweet candy and healthy skincare, showing that healthy ingredients can make for a cosmetic treat.

Antishin’s unique package design adds a touch of whimsy and charm to the gifting experience, making recipients more excited to pamper themselves with luxurious skincare products and natural beauty solutions.

Best Video Design: Crate47

European electric bike manufacturer Deskinio promoted the X20 Gravel Bike in a video that focuses on its innovative features and sleek design.

The video opens with extreme closeups of the various features of an e-bike, with each shot fading to black before transitioning to the next spec.

The shots become wider as the camera pans in tandem with the faster electronic beats of the soundtrack, showcasing the e-bike’s various capabilities and building excitement for the final reveal of the X20 Gravel Bike.

The video design produced by Craft47 is a testament to the power of visual storytelling in modern brand communication.

Submit Your Best Designs

The March 2024 DesignRush Best Design Awards serve as a platform to honor exceptional creativity and innovation across various design disciplines.

Each winner exhibits unparalleled talent and expertise in their respective fields, setting a new standard for excellence in the world of design.

Kudos to the awardees!

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