DesignRush Announces January's Best Design Award Winners

DesignRush Announces January's Best Design Award Winners

News by Vianca Meyer
Published: January 24, 2024

The winners of the DesignRush Best Design Awards for January 2024 have just been announced.

Each month, DesignRush spotlights the design agencies that are making waves in different industries with their outstanding designs in web, logo, print, app, package and video design.

Best Website Design: Zajno Crew

Explicit Promotions' website design captivates with a dynamic and vibrant design, ideal for the music industry.

Crafted by Zajno Crew, it features interactive 3D visuals and industry-relevant icons, engaging visitors right from the start.

The site educates and entertains with a "How It Works" section, using horizontal scrolling and dynamic visuals for easy understanding.

It also showcases Explicit Promotions' success through impactful data and artist testimonials, complete with Spotify integrations for immediate listening.

Best Logo Design: Eduardo Oliveira

Eduardo Oliveira's design for Pluggy's logo, featuring a warm, sunlit yellow and white color scheme, offers an inviting and vibrant ambiance.

The design cleverly turns the letter "U" into a plug, topped with a sun symbol, blending whimsy with brand identity in a visually appealing way.

The logo design uses bold, uppercase letters with rounded edges, striking a balance between authority and friendliness, while the thoughtful typography choice enhances the logo's impact and approachability.

Best Print Design: Hannah May Studio

Hannah May Studio's Waking Dreams print design enhances branding through its vibrant and dynamic visual storytelling approach.

Departing from typical yoga studio aesthetics, it employs a vibrant color palette ranging from neutral to lively shades, perfectly capturing the studio's whimsical and original identity.

The design's innovative use of mixed typography, combining bold and delicate fonts, adds depth and effectively communicates the brand's message.

It also incorporates striking monochromatic images against these vibrant colors, highlighting individual stories and emphasizing inclusivity and personal growth.

Best App Design: Harshlotiya

Harshlotiya's creation, the Upfarm app, adeptly tackles farmers' challenges by providing a user-friendly and modern platform for sustainable agriculture.

It features an intuitive design that simplifies complex supply chain processes, from crop production to retail networking.

Key highlights of the app design include options to buy and rent farming equipment, a section for sharing farming tips and tricks and a community for networking.

The app's design is both clean and appealing, with a green and white color scheme and clear, friendly graphics that enhance user navigation.

Its organized home screen efficiently guides users to important features like connecting with buyers, expert consultations, and a marketplace for agricultural needs.

Best Package Design: Jade Purple Brown

Jade Purple Brown's design for Clinique Happy's packaging, with its vibrant and limited-edition style, exudes love, making it perfect for special occasions such as Valentine's Day.

Moving beyond its signature orange and white, the palette now includes joyful yellow, sophisticated mauve and soft pink, perfectly capturing the essence of love and happiness.

Featuring hearts and wavy lines, the package design symbolizes the dynamics of love and inclusivity, resonating deeply with diverse audiences.

The packaging skillfully combines bold "LOVE" typography with Clinique's classic font, striking a balance between heritage and modern flair.

Maintaining traditional elements like the silver cap and clear bottle, the packaging incorporates contemporary, colorful hearts, appealing across generations.

Best Video Design: Mamma Team

MAC Cosmetics VIVA GLAM's video design, highlighting their support for women, the LGBTQIA+ community and HIV/AIDS-affected individuals, features pop star Rosalía in a powerful and elegant design by Mamma Team.

The video captivates with fiery red visuals and dynamic dance performances, symbolizing the brand's passionate advocacy.

It showcases the versatility of MAC's classic red lipstick, transitioning from day to night scenes to demonstrate its adaptability for various occasions.

The video concludes with a clear message, "Get the lipstick that gives back 100%," reinforcing MAC's commitment to giving back.

Get a chance to become the next Design Award winner.

The January 2024 DesignRush Best Design Awards highlighted outstanding talents across various categories.

Zajno Crew triumphed in website design, Eduardo Oliveira in logo creation, Hannah May Studio in print design, Harshlotiya in app design, Jade Purple Brown in packaging design and Mamma Team in video design. 

Each winner showcased exceptional creativity and innovation in their field, setting the pace for what we may expect from the world of design in the coming year.

Congratulations to all the awardees for their achievements!

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