DesignRush Announces February’s Best Design Award Winners

DesignRush Announces February’s Best Design Award Winners

Published: February 22, 2024

DesignRush has just revealed the recipients of its Best Design Awards for February 2024.

The awards recognize design agencies across various industries for their exceptional work in website, logo, print, app, packaging, and video design every month.

Best Website Design: Wanted for Nothing

Wanted for Nothing’s website design is modern and minimalist with a color palette of black and white with hints of red.

It has an interactive and playful interface, with banners moving across the screen whenever the pointer, transformed into a red dot, passes on either Work, Vibes, or Services. Words are also animated as you scroll down.

The black-and-white theme highlights the colorful and high-quality images and videos that show its previous projects with, Nissin Foods, and Brookfield Properties.

Wanted for Nothing uses a logical hierarchy to organize its content, starting with what it can offer clients, the company’s history and vision, to finally asking the question, “Ready to work with us?” with contact fields.

Best Logo Design: AIDesigns

AIDesigns crafted a visually distinct and appealing logo focusing on technology and care for a vision insurance service Academic Vision Care (AVC).

The logo design highlights the letter "C" by transforming it to resemble the details of the eye’s iris in a modern way.

This infuses both symbolism and artistic flair into the brand’s identity.

This approach strengthens the association with vision but also emphasizes how the company puts great effort into the “Care” aspect of the service, with the plus sign adding additional value.

The simple color palette of navy, light blue, teal, and medium blue stands out against the white background, while the logo’s simple yet stylized font makes for effective brand recall.

Best Print Design: Visual Oasis

The “Spectrum of Consciousness” poster designs, created by Virtual Oasis for its client High In The Arctic, feature a combination of vibrant colors inspired by chakras and psychedelic landscapes.

The poster also comes in monochrome colors of red, orange, yellow, aqua, deep blue, and purple, with clean white lines cutting through the image, to embody the different chakras.

Each print design presents a unique visual journey, blending artistic expression with AI-generated elements that show the balance between harmony and chaos.

The posters demonstrate how intricate elements, the right color palette, and a deliberate composition can prompt viewers to take a spiritual journey that may awaken the inner workings of their minds.

Best App Design: Tequila

Tequila’s design for the banking app FinDBX efficiently targets the working population with its straightforward user interface, minimizing time spent navigating the app.

Set against a black background, colorful icons and white text stand out, creating an app design that makes it easy for users to find what they need.

The personalized dashboard includes important details that a user will need when opening the app, which include account balance, credit card information, and a breakdown of funds.

Everything a user would need to manage their finances can easily be accessed, and it can even include retirement and emergency funds.

Best Package Design: Lori Aker Atkins

Lora Aker Atkins designed special packaging for the popular denim brand Lee that sought to enhance how its brand department delivers products to key audiences like buyers, influencers, and PR managers.

Opting to combine aesthetics and messaging, the package design uses a sleek black box printed with a typographic pattern of phrases that weaves the brand's identity into the outside packaging.

Beyond aesthetics, the design prioritizes functionality, as seen in a dedicated pocket tucked inside the box's lid that offers a convenient space for printed materials and personalized messages.

This allows Lee to provide additional information and foster an engaging brand experience, while the opposite side makes for a convenient compartment that holds a neatly folded pair of jeans.

Best Video Design: Dominique Aizpurua Flugelman

Shiseido’s “Mood Metamorphosis” aims to showcase its new line of facial wash, “The Reset Cleanser Squad,” with each of the three products represented by a specific color and mood.

Venezuelan art director Dominique Aizpurua Flugelman’s video design flows from one mood to the next in vibrant colors of pink, yellow, and green that represent the themes of the Romantic Dream, Good Vibes, and Wild Garden.

The set has a minimalist feel, with simple columns, walls, and mirrors partially lit up by white light.

Its distinct colors are beautifully accentuated by white, orange, and blue, producing a modern yet hippy feel.

The three models of different races, each wearing costumes that go with the color palette, complete the overall design.

Get a chance to become the next Design Award winner.

The February 2024 DesignRush Best Design Awards recognizes exemplary achievements in a variety of design fields.

Wanted for Nothing shone in website design, AIDesigns in logo creation, Visual Oasis in print design, Tequila in app design, Lori Akers Atkins in packaging design, and Dominique Aizpurua Flugelman in video design.

The awardees exemplified originality within their design disciplines.

Their achievements provide a glimpse into potential creative directions and evolving practices that will influence the future of design.

Congratulations to all the winners!

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