Denmark’s Queen-in-Waiting Is a Former Advertising Executive

Denmark’s Queen-in-Waiting Is a Former Advertising Executive

Published: January 12, 2024

As Crown Princess Mary of Denmark prepares to become Queen Mary, her journey from an advertising executive to a monarch has come into focus.

Marking a new chapter in Danish history, Queen Margrethe's momentous New Year's Eve abdication set the stage for her son’s reign as the new King of Denmark.

After Queen Margrethe officially abdicates on January 14, the couple will be proclaimed King Frederik X and Queen Mary by the prime minister.

As traditionally practiced since the early 1900s, there will only be a proclamation held at Christiansborg Palace in Copenhagen and not a coronation as people may expect.

From Pitch Decks to Royal Protocols

Born in Tasmania, Australia, Mary Donaldson's life took a fairytale turn in 2000 when she met Crown Prince Frederik at the Sydney Summer Olympics.

Mary was an advertising executive at the time, and she wasn't aware that the man she just met was royalty.

The couple's discreet romance culminated in a 2004 wedding watched by millions, which officially ushered Mary into the Danish royal family.

She diligently learned Danish, embraced Danish traditions, and navigated the complex protocols of royal life.

Princess Mary’s warm personality, coupled with a professional background in advertising and communications, allowed her to forge a genuine connection with the public.

She also became known for her simplistic yet elegant fashion sense. The Danish people simply love her.

"Some people think my husband is a bit in my shadow because I'm very much in the spotlight and I have a lot of engagements," the Princess said in a 2017 biography of Prince Frederik.

"But he'll never be in my shadow, and I'll never be in his shadow, because he reflects light on me," she added.

Sunday’s proclamation will be a historical milestone not only for Denmark but also for Australia. Princess Mary will become the first-ever Australian-born monarch in the world.

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