Deloitte Digital Names Dounia Senawi a Chief Commercial Officer

Deloitte Digital Names Dounia Senawi a Chief Commercial Officer

Published: October 03, 2022

Deloitte Digital appointed Dounia Senawi as its next Chief Commercial Officer, placing her in charge of go-to-market efforts and commercial strategy formulation across Deloitte Digital’s offerings, alliances, product, and marketing functions.

Senawi will bring fresh, new thinking and a mind for innovation to Deloitte Digital and apply new technologies to meet the needs of the company’s client base. It’s a highly responsible role within the company structure and requires much out-of-box thinking and unconventional problem-solving. Senawi, given her vast experience and aptitude for unlocking insights and operation optimization, is expected to be the perfect person for the role.

To elevate client experiences, she will create custom solutions, shape individual strategies, and build brand value for Deloitte’s clients. To achieve that, she will take advantage of her role as a Chief Commercial Officer and connect the expertise of other firm members. By putting the best strategists, designers, engineers, storytellers, and architects on the task, she’ll be able to live up to her role as the Chief Commercial Officer and deliver exceptional sales and service experiences.

Senawi believes that unparalleled expertise, earning trust, and exceeding expectations are the three hallmarks of maximizing each client’s return on investment, and her clients would seem to agree.

Dounia Senawi, Deloitte Digital CCO
[Source: Deloitte Digital]

Aside from her newfound responsibility as a Chief Commercial Officer, Senawi is also the head of Deloitte’s digital customer offering. She architects tech-based solutions that optimize customer operations and streamline processes.

Personally, Senawi is a great proponent of women in technology and encourages them to get involved with the tech and grow professionally. She speaks at several forums on customer transformation and guides her teams with purpose, partnership, and positivity. Being of Chaldean descent, she cares deeply about diversity, equity and inclusion. Besides her talents and expertise, that’s another reason why she serves on the steering committee for Deloitte’s Middle Eastern North African and Allies Community.

Her previous experience in the financial services industry gave her the necessary know-how to overcome client issues and unparalleled expertise in solving unexpected problems. Working with large consultancies gave her a deeper understanding of how high the stakes can be for the clients and how organizational dynamics at these companies influence their financial outcomes.

She also has previous sales experience at Deloitte Digital, providing her with a multidimensional understanding of the industry and the requirements for commercial success.

The time will tell how Senawi will do in her role as Chief Commercial Officer, but given her impressive background, it seems Deloitte Digital is in good hands.

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