DDB Sydney Reimagines Volkswagen Australia's Brand Identity

DDB Sydney Reimagines Volkswagen Australia's Brand Identity
Published: February 26, 2024

Marking a significant return to the advertising landscape, Volkswagen Australia has partnered with creative agency DDB Sydney to launch its first brand campaign in seven years.

Titled "Let's Go for a Drive," the short film aims to rekindle the emotional connection Australians have with the Volkswagen brand and focus on the joy of driving.

DDB Sydney weaves this narrative through a heartwarming story featuring a lighthouse keeper living a simple life on a very small island.

The lighthouse keeper painting the wall.
The short film has captivating visuals showing the daily activities of a lighthouse keeper (Source: DDB Sydney)

“It’s not every day you get the opportunity to develop work for such an iconic brand that has such a rich heritage of advertising,” DDB Executive Creative Director Matt Chandler shared.

“With all that past work in mind, we wanted to tell a very simple story, beautifully. One that brings to life the simple joys of taking even the shortest drive,” he added.

The commercial opens with the lighthouse keeper aptly starting his day by screwing on a new bulb in the lighthouse, all while humming Johnnie and Joe’s 1957 hit “Over The Mountain, Across The Sea.”

The lighthouse keeper starts his day.
The lighthouse keeper starts his daily routine (Source: DDB Sydney).

He is seen going through his daily routine, all alone, restarting the next day with the same activity of painting the lighthouse.

However, a spark of joy is ignited when he sees a ship approaching the island. He quickly goes down, steps into his Volkswagen and drives the very short (walking) distance to the mailbox to get his mail.

The spot ends with the question, “What would you drive if you didn’t need to?”

The lighthouse keeper drives the short distance to the mailbox.
The light house keeper drives his VW, when he could've walked, to get his mail (Source: DDB Sydney).

“There’s a transformative power that comes from spending time in a quality car, and it’s a power everyone deserves to experience,” Jenny Mak, DDB creative partner, said.

With the rise of new entrants and fluctuating product preferences, Volkswagen aims to reclaim its position as a cherished brand by reminding consumers of the feeling of driving a quality car.

“We felt a connection to the creative concept from the beginning and felt it spoke directly to who we are as a brand and how we want people to feel when driving our cars,” Michal Szaniecki, Volkswagen’s passenger vehicles managing director, stated.

With its focus on emotional connection and the joy of driving, "Let's Go for a Drive" has the potential to resonate with Australian consumers and pave the way for a successful brand revival for Volkswagen Australia.

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