Data Science is Must-Have Business Practice, Expert Believes

Data Science is Must-Have Business Practice, Expert Believes

News by Roberto OrosaRoberto Orosa
Published: April 09, 2023

While companies have learned to become more data-driven, many are still lost with fully utilizing their data and analytics to make faster and more informed decisions.  

In an exclusive interview with Spotlight, Hypercube Consulting Director Adam Sroka explained that most organizations want to be “data-driven” but don’t know how to get there, while expounding on the importance of adding data science into one’s business practice.  

“Adding data scientists with deep technical skills and a commercially focused mindset will help you move along that journey. You’ll begin to use data to actually drive decisions and not just reinforce thoughts and convictions you already had,” he shared. 

Despite the presence of AI and ML-powered tools, the seasoned director understands why businesses still struggle to extract the full value from their data.  

“It’s hard!” he exclaimed. “There’s a huge technical barrier to being able to do this stuff well. The foundations just aren’t there for most organizations and they try to run before they can crawl,” he added. 

Sroka believes that knowing how to align technical possibilities with wider business strategies will take “a lot of experience” from technologists and business leaders to achieve.  

“Finally, the human side can foil even the best data team. If you can’t communicate the importance of your work or manage expectations well you’ll soon struggle,” the director shared. 

Despite this, the data and AI leader shared some tips for building a solid data strategy. For businesses starting out, Sroka advised them to reach out to people who already have prior experience. 

 “That sounds self-serving coming from a consultant but it’s the best route to success, learning from the mistakes of others. The community is great and you’ll get a wealth of free support and guidance,” he explained. 

He also suggested for them not to jump straight to high-profile projects, as “proving wins” and building confidence should always come first. “Don’t underestimate the cultural factors at play!” he added. 

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