Dan Gardner of Code and Theory Unveils a New Media Company

Dan Gardner of Code and Theory Unveils a New Media Company

Published: November 15, 2022

Dan Gardner, the CEO and co-founder of Code and Theory, a digital-first creative agency, is launching a new media company in 2023, alongside 29 other founders. ON_Discourse will be a company designed to help readers understand technology better.

ON_Discourse will be a DAO, shorthand for a decentralized autonomous organization. Without a centralized authority, all founders will have an equal stake in the company.

Over the past year, members of the organization, including co-founder Toby Daniels of Social Media Week, met to discuss technology’s influence on business and how they could help business owners navigate the ever-changing landscape of the technology-driven future.

They have decided that ON_Discourse will publish “curated, opinionated content for technology-focused business leaders” to help navigate the risks and opportunities that technology enables.

Amidst the chaos of amateurishly and incorrectly explained concepts surrounding emerging technologies such as web3, business owners and novice blockchain aficionados struggle to find reliable sources of information.

The ON_Discourse founders aim to provide the readers with just that — vetted, peer-reviewed insights to help people understand the inherent complexities of web3.

The content ON_Discourse features will likely go beyond basic concepts and instead provide the meaning behind them. The type of content it will publish should make business owners' and tech-savvy professionals' choice-making a little bit easier.

Gardner also made the announcement about ON_Discourse on the PandaConf stage at the Web Summit in Lisbon, Portugal, earlier this month. The summit gathers marketers to discuss updates about the world of advertising, brand recognition and other topics of interest to the digital-first workforce.

According to Gardner, the publication aims to replace the abandoned “town square,” i.e., the most important venue for discourse in a society. However, it should also supplant social media networks which were supposed to be modern town squares but failed miserably in that task and instead created meaningless echo chambers.

ON_Discourse founders are people from various backgrounds that could provide different and invaluable insights to readers who decide to put their trust in them.

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